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killing in the name of

The Religion of Peace tm strikes again.

What happens when a newspaper suggest that Muhammed might have enjoyed the Miss World contest?

Letters to the editor?

A peaceful protest?

The death of at least 50 innocent people? Rampaging, rioting and burning churches?

Religion of peace, my ass.

And, like Eric Olsen says, don't even try to tell me this has nothing to do with Islam.


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those people are no more islamic than david koresch was a xtian. all religions get warped and twisted by power-hungry psychos who use it to make others do their bidding. there are good moslems just like there are good xtians - they just don't make headlines - and they hate these villainous loonies just as much as we do.

mohammed loved women. he not only would've loved the contest, he probably would've proposed to the winner.

You're going to be sorry you said that, Tanya. Some militant extremist muslims will be rioting in front of your house soon.

(And I really should have said militant extremist muslims and I will from now on)

Michele, not to quibble, but isn't militant, when applied to extremist muslim, redundant? Anyway, if these fools are religious then give me a peaceful atheist any day...

Death toll's up to at least 105 now. And 500 injured.

All religions are crap, in my opinion. These riots in particular are Muslims AND Christians. But the Muslims started it because they got all pissy about a comment regarding their "prophet", and started acting like monkeys.

I happen to like monkeys. Yes, they tend to fling their feces at unsuspecting bystanders, but hey- At least they don't riot over a beauty pageant.

They might if the contestants were ugly monkeys.

How could they tell? They'd probably be wearing monkey-burkahs....

The winner of the feces flinging talent portion of the show gets to take her burkah off. If she's ugly, look out!

To encourage the love that having a dog will teach its owner, let us start the Puppies for Peace Project(PPP). muslims deserve to have dogs too. I hereby offer any muslim family in my neighborhood their own puppy for their children to play with.

Please email me if you are interested in learning about how a puppy can teach you about love.

Christians and muslim dog lovers, please start your own PPP in your neighborhood. I am working with the local humane shelter to provide good homes for the puppies. This can be a grass roots project that can teach followers of the sex maniac, child molesting philander how to have a best friend.

May the love of Jesus Christ be with you.

I'm going to take this opportunity to reiterate my stance that not all Muslims are militant Muslims.

In fact, not one of the many Muslims in my neighborhood follow the exteremist form of their religion.

I'm backing away slowly from Lynn's comment.

What I really want to know is, Who's bright idea was it to have a freaking beauty pagent in NIGERIA in the first place? I mean come on, it's freaking NIGERIA!!!!

Next year let's have it in Bosnia, or perhaps Iraq.

I submit my house for hosting next years pageant.

Watch out. Didn't you hear about that Iranian Ayatollah who recently proposed all dog owners in Iran should be arrested and their dogs executed? Muslims are supposed to hate dogs because the Prophet did, but love cats, because the Prophet did. Rather than wake up a cat that had gone to sleep on his robes Muhammed cut off the portion the cat was on to leave it in peace.

That must be what Bush really means about a "Religion of Peace."

If you start offerring dogs to Muslims they might riot. Muslims are definitely cat people.

'Scuse me, I need to feed my dog.

Oh my. Laughing hurts now. Pain. Side. Religion of peace, my ass!

Islam is a religion that protects all life, including dogs and cats.

Extremists like Khomeini are not teaching the true message of Islam.

I am the proud owner and trainer of two service dogs, and a convert to Islam. My adopted parents are Native American, and I am deeply grateful to be a participant in several spiritual communities, few of whom contain individuals hostile to dogs or cats.


Ya estoy cansado de que los yanquis se quieren meter en todo, capitalistas que no piensan con la cabeza sino con los pies, uds son muchos, pero muchos idiotas.

legalizacion de la mariguana

My puppy is an agnostic (she's only 10 weeks old!) but she still loves peace and already she's been to three peace rallies. Muslims, Christians, agnostics, atheists, and people all other religious affiliation think she's cute and she brings them peace too (til she bites em!)

most of you lot have absolutely no idea what you are talking about except for kari ann owen. i feel sorry for you , you are like blind people trying to walk in the land of the sighted, and quite frankly if you have no respect for your own religion and prophet then at least stop trying to make fun of others. i'm sorry i ever came to this site, its full of racism and anti-islamic rhetoric.

fuck u all u dumb fuckers