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kid talk

Story from a woman I work with today. She was giving her nine year old son "the talk" because he asked about it.

Kid: I know how a lady gets pregnant, mom.
Mom: Oh really? Do tell.
Kid: You date a chick and pee in her mouth.

That kid is never going to get a second date with a girl.

Reminds me of the sex talk with DJ. I guess it's a nine year old boy thing.

On another kid note - coaching your daughter's basketball team provides ample opportunity for you to embarass your child in ways you never knew possible. It's get even time, and I'm in charge.


I'm coaching my son's basketball team. Want to share tactics?

So that's what I have been doing wrong? Almost 45 years, no kids. You mean this "penis in vagina" thing was wrong all the time? And just think of how how many little Kens and Kenettes I have pissed down the toilet. Do the Right to Lifers knwo about this horrendous waste of potential human life? They will start picketing sewerage works yet.

Anyway, I better go to bed with my wife - I haven't had a really good piss all day, so I will give this new technique a try.

That's like me starting in on my son....getting a chance to make him squirm NOW....so that he gets used to it. I plan on making it an Olympic event by the time he's a teenager.

At 9 the parents should already have talked to him. My parents took me to an Gynecologist before then. I read Clan of the cave Bear and Valley of the Hoses when I was 8. Americans are still too repressed about sex.

How hard is to tell your children that sperm and eggs unite in a womans belly to make a baby? That this happens whan the man puts his penis inside the woman,and that if you aren't ready to make a baby, you shouldn't do this?

So that's how it's done? Ewwww. Gross.

So how was Valley of the Hoses?

I thought it was quite good. Not nearly so interesting as Clan of the Cave Beer though.

But Clan of the Rave Bears was fantastic.

Oh yes, but what about The Plan of the Knave Boars, that was groundbreaking work.

I much preferred the sequel, The Plan of the Brave Whores.

I hear there's a new one in the works...The Visigoth Hunters. Or was that The O'Malley of the Rourkes?

I think you mean The Valley of the Hawks, that new book about warbloggers.

No, no, that's The Idiotarian Hunters.

Written by the same guy who did the Fiskworld series?

You two have had WAY too much coffee.

a discworld reference.....joy

Sex talks = Priceless material for anecdotes

It's amazing what people will do with one little typo.

My personal favorite was the Plain Massages.