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give it a rest

If you don't like the idea of sending food to the IDF that's fine. There is no need to leave your negative comments here. I have plenty of other posts on the subject of the middle east where you are free to say whatever you want. Don't come in here and try to disuade people from joining my little holiday spirit thing. Really, don't be such an ass all your life, ok?

Anyhow, I'm trying to figure out the best way to do this; either have someone volunteer to organize it because I'm just not good at that stuff, or email the site that handles the deliveries and ask them to set up a special order form just for this purpose. If anyone wants to be the organizer, please let me know.

Stay away, asswipes, or I'll have something non-edible delivered straight down your throat. It's called my fist.

I'm still having Dreamhost issues. I'm still pissed. I've started smoking again. Don't mess with me tonight.


IFD - typo? Meant you IDF, yes?


Hey, I was kidding about the massive pizza deliveries. I have my donut money ready. As for organizing, I can barely get to work.

Wanna quit together?

I never take you seriously, Bill. I mean that in a good way.

Yes, let's quit together. Again.

I didn't read any negative comments?
I must have missed something in the ASV move.

I quit smoking for quite some time, then started again... so my question is... why does no one try to get me to quit again?... was (am) I such an a**hole when quitting that they would rather see me die of cancer than go through that again?... Hmmmm.... it makes you wonder...