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a pizza, some donuts and a show of support

Chanukah begins the day after Thanksgiving.

I was at this site and I thought it would be nice to send donuts to a couple of Israeli soldiers during Chanukah.

Then I thought, why only a couple of soldiers? There are an awful lot of pro-Israeli bloggers out there. What if we all got together and raised enough money to send pizza, soda and donuts for a whole platoon, or a whole company?

What better way to show not only solidarity with the soldiers, but to partake in the spirit of the holiday season?

Is anyone interested? Any ideas on how we can do this?

thanks to Bill Quick for the link


I would be happy to donate but I haven't a clue how to organize it. I will try and do some research though . . . I think someone else did something similar for some soldiers a couple of years ago.

You can donate directly to the IDF...can't remember who found the link...Bigwig? You can take donations ala Boobies to Florida through PayPal, knowing they'll take a small cut for any credit card or international donations.

I'm interested. Email me with any details. :)

I organized my sock drawer last night. My toes still hurt.

I might be able to donate, but organization is not my strong point. However, I do have a suggestion on how we can raise a lot of money for this and I'm sure you'll all agree that it would work famously! Three words, people;

Hooters For Chanukah!

I think this is a great idea! My suggestion would be that one person be the contact/organizer and communicate with the people at the 'pizzaid' site. Maybe they could set up a special link for us, so that we could individually send the money, since they already have a secure system set up. Or we could donate via the links that are there, if there was some way to indicate that the donation was part of this project. Based on how much money is raised, the pizzaid people could send the appropriate amount of donuts or pizza.

It would be great if we could all compose messages that would be sent along with the food.

Count me in. But wouldn't money be better. Donuts get stale and 10,000 bloggers sending donuts and pizza to your house for you to forward on to Israel might become a little cumbersome.

What would the neighbors think when you start getting 750 pizza deliveries a day.

Hey, sounds good to me... I've always wanted to have a pizza party, and I'm okay with living vicariously. =|

Didn't I already pay for that? Now don't get me wrong - I'm a big supporter of Israel (even if they do spy on us from time to time - but then who wouldn't? We're the greatest country on the face of the earth), but don't we give them something like $6M a day in military aid? I mean jeez - including a budget line-item for donuts isn't gonna break the bank...

I could throw in a case of Oreos and a couple cases of Trojans....

this is a great idea.

no matter what their political stance, i don't think anyone can disagree that making soldiers in israel happier is a good idea. it's a simple idea: they're just doing their job, and it's a worthwhile job which should be appreciated. and i'm not even american.

judging from the pizzaid site, the people who run the organisation seem pretty helpful - i wouldn't be surprised if they jumped at the chance to help by setting up a separate order system.

If I were an Israeli soldier (or even if I weren't, which is good, cause I'm not), I know what I'd want for Hannukah:

Arafat's head, in a box, wrapped in shiny silver-and-blue wrapping paper and a big velvet bow.

(Just kidding, of course. I don't really need the bow.)

sounds like a great idea! I would definetely be interested!

you are so awesome. i think it's a fabulous idea, and i'm in for money and support/aid if needed. you should contact someone on that end, to be sure they have enough restaurants ready to make the pizza. there's at
least one warblogger over there somewhere who might be able to find you a resource.

also, i didn't notice any donut places, myself, as i'm not into them, but there's a ben & jerry's in tel aviv, right on the beach. i bet they'd be into helping. mmmmmm. pizza and ben & jerry's. not in the same meal, of course. cough unless it's veggie pizza. and gold star beer.


I assume you will be showing your own 'hooters' for the cause?

sorry, i'm an idiot. i didn't click the link first. blush

you are the woman with the traffic. i have this silly notion that if you were to put up a header with a paypal link (as seki said - a la 'boobies to florida'), and we all mentioned it, they'd somehow manage to feast. since they have $300 options up, they probably wouldn't be overwhelmed, even if it turned out to be a couple grand. and if anyone submitted boobies to help, well, so much the better, right?

As a result of the Arab terror campaign, there is now virtually no tourism to Israel.


Before you send a whole lotta stuff~Israeli army desertions rise

Oh yes, because the Guardian is an impartial and unbiased news source. snort

How about setting up a PayPal account and, when enough has reen raised, send the $$$ off? Looks good on paper...

my first comment on someone's blog, ever! this is a great idea, and if it comes together, please let me know how i can contribute. i'm in japan, so i might not be able to do the pay-pal thing, but....

I could spare 5 or 10 bucks... i love this idea. Pizzas for Israel. Make sure they're kosher though.

Count me in for $20 or more. I'll even toss in another $5 to buy the .50 cal round that passes through Yasser Arafat's malodorous body. Paypal might be a good clearing house. I'll send you a check if you're willing to risk me actually being a crazed homicidal maniac with metal feet and a chainsaw.


If I'm not mistaken the United States is signatory to a document that prohibits our military forces from shooting anyone with a .50 cal machine gun.

At least this is what I was led to believe by a friend of mine in the Marines. I figure he would know.

Besides it would do nothing to rid of the infrastructure of terror. If I've learned anything from watching mafia movies it's that if you kill the boss there are always lesser tyrants waiting in the wings to fill in.

It now occurs to me that I'm taking this way too seriously and I will now retire to my own blog.