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trim the fat

And you wonder how I could fall for that Ninja lawsuit hoax. This is why. It just would not be that far fetched considering the lawsuits that are filed these days.

Lawyers have filed a class-action lawsuit against McDonald's on behalf of New York children who have suffered health problems, including diabetes, high blood pressure, and obesity.

In federal court in Manhattan on Wednesday, a lawyer alleged that the fast-food chain has created a national epidemic of obese children. Samuel Hirsch argued that the high fat, sugar and cholesterol content of McDonald's food is "a very insipid, toxic kind of thing" when ingested regularly by young kids.

The plaintiffs include a Bronx teen who ate every meal at McDonald's for three years while living in a homeless shelter. Another is a 13-year-old boy from Staten Island who says he ate at McDonald's food three to four times a week and is now 5-foot-4 and 278 pounds.

Perhaps there should be a lawyer who will file a lawsuit against the parents of these kids. A 278 pound 13 year old is obviously not getting the proper nutrition or exercise he needs. Nor is he getting the right guidance as far as nutrition goes if he eats McDonald's three or four times a week.

Fast food doesn't kill people. People kill people.

What the parents of these kids should do, instead of running for a lawyer, is first of all take their children to a physician so they can go on a proper diet. Get them to a gym. Supervise their nutrition.

Once again, we have parents laying the blame for their kids behavior on something else besides their own laziness and ignorance. Did the mother of that 13 year old not see him getting fat? I'm sure he didn't just blow up overnight. There had to be signs. What was she thinking when she had to buy him clothes in the large men's department instead of the young boy's department? A person cannot be that dense to not know that their child is dangerously obese and they should do something about.

And that something does not mean calling an attorney because your child has been fed garbage for the past 13 years.

Wake the fuck up, people. You are ruining your kids. Set a good model for them. Accept responsibilty for your behavior and teach them to do the same.


when the tobacco lawsuits started up, i used to joke that this might happen - and as i noticed more and more the frivolous lawsuits based on peoples lack of personal responsibility, i realized it probably WOULD happen someday...well. looky here...

people disgust me.

I'm suing Hershey's because they make chocolate, and chocolate is a weakness for me. They produce sweet, sugary, fatty, and deceptively delicious goods, and should be stopped at all costs (to the taxpayers anyway)! I blame them for the size of my ass and only $millions will make it all better.

Grouchy Old Cripple's sounding off on a related theme today: Stella Award nominees.

oh brother. eating at mcdonald's three to four times a week does not make you 5-foot-4 and 278 pounds. it's the pork rinds slathered in mayonnaise and gallons of ice cream the little porker eats before bed. blech. mcdonald's is bad for you, sure, but half the people i work with eat there every day (there's one across the street), and they aren't morbidly obese.

I read about this in Reader's Digest. Their article stated that an unhealthy, overweight man from New Jersey started the lawsuit. His lawyers decided to sue on behalf of children instead because juries are more sympathetic about the plight of children.
It's easy for an adult to look at another adult and say "jeez, ever consider NOT shoveling grease in your mouth for half an hour and going for a walk?" but children aren't responsible for their actions, right? and if they aren't, their parents certainly shouldn't be...
I could stand to lose about 30 pounds and I eat at McDonald's maybe twice a month. Do you think I could parley that into a couple thousand bucks? Will I get it in time for Christmas?

You know, does NOT have the same ring to it as asmallvictory.net. And it's MUCH harder to remember.

I'm 35 years old, and when I was growing up we all ate an awful lot of McDonalds too. The only ones who got obese were the lazy fucks who ate their Big Macs during their 9 daily hours of TV.

Take a walk. Play some stickball. DO SOMETHING PHYSICAL YOU DISGUSTING LITTLE FAT BASTARDS! Maybe then you won't be so damn fat.

The one bright spot here is that, from the look of them, these kids will be dead before they're 40. Of course, until then I suppose we have to pay for their fucking health care.

Lisa - Please don't sue Hershey's... If you win the millions you seek, then my hometown will become another ghost town - like those where the next Wal-Mart SuperCenter move into... We love Hershey PA and it will never be the same if it's gone. Try eating Nestle's from now on... then you can sue them. I don't know where their corporate office is and don't care.

Thank You and have a nice day!

Naw naw, yer missing the point. The problem with McDonalds, as they see it, is that first, it's horrifically addictive to people with no willpower, and second, it's bad for you because it's fast food, and third, it's a bargain.

The unwritten statement behind some of this is "McDonalds has an obligation to provide cheap healthy food that cannot make you fat or clog arteries or do anything bad. Dangling burgers and fries at the low prices they do is an affront to human dignity. Make it more expensive, so people will seek cheap food elsewhere, or serve tofu and granola."

It's just not fair, you see, for people of limited means. Compare the prices of a standard burger, say, a double cheese burger, now only a dollar, with a FiberBlow Bar or whatever at your local drugstore that's chock full of everything the body needs...and that thing is two bucks with tax and doesn't mass anywhere near as much as a double cheeseburger.

McDonalds gives you more mass for your buck. And that's just not fair! No fair! Why should burgers be cheaper than "healthy" food? McDonalds should be punished for taking away consumer options!

Or something like that.

Nah, Frank. I'm going to take my million dollar reward and open a Tofu & Soy Awareness Theme Park in Hershey, PA! Fun for all!

pork rinds slathered in mayonnaise and gallons of ice cream

I'm gonna have some of that right now. I'll be back to sue you all later.

Great. I'm gonna puke now. I'm suing you for the dry cleaner bill.

"It's just not fair, you see, for people of limited means. Compare the prices of a standard burger, say, a double cheese burger, now only a dollar, with a FiberBlow Bar or whatever at your local drugstore that's chock full of everything the body needs...and that thing is two bucks with tax and doesn't mass anywhere near as much as a double cheeseburger."

I take it no one is capable of brown-bagging it anymore? They DO make low fat lunch meats, etc., after all. And for about 4 bucks you could buy enough hummus and carrot sticks/pita triangles to dip into it to make up 2 lunches. I mean, please.

And yes, for crying out loud -- exercise!! Turn off the damned TV/Gameboy/Playstation, and make the kids go outside and play ball or take the dog for a walk.

I suppose that would require effort, though. Feh.

Good idea, Jen! We can sue Nintendo, Sony and the TV networks!! Do you think there would be more money in suing the free channels like NBC, CBS or the premium ones like HBO?

This is why we SERIOUSLY need tort reform in this country. Greedy scumbag lawyers and whiny liberal fuckwads have turned the court system into a form of legalized extortion.

When you create an atmosphere where no one is responsible for their choices, this shit happens. Next on the lawyer hit list: dairy farmers (fat), livestock farmers (fat), video game makers (violence), etc. etc. etc.

The real problem is these parents are lazy...
too lazy to cook nutritous food, so they take them to McDonalds every night.
too lazy to encourage by example the need to exercise, so they buy them playstations to keep them busy
Michelle--you are 100% correct--somebody needs to do something about these parents. This has got to be some kind of child abuse/neglect.

personal responsibility is something our society severly lacks in these days. e-fuckin-gads brain.

Damn. My parents and my grandparents watched over my diet like hawks. While I was allowed the occasional meal at Burger King or the like, the big concern was making sure I ate the proper amounts from each food group, and that I drank lots of milk and stayed away from sweets between meals. Of course, my folks were from the old school, that used the "four food groups," which were: dairy, meat & eggs, bread and cereals, and vegetables. None of this food pyramid stuff. And my grandparents were from the even older school, which taught that fat = healthy. ("Eat the fat! It's good for you! You need a little meat on your bones!")

For a wonder, I was skinny all my life until I hit my thirties.

Geez... take some responsibility for your actions. Stop buying the kids happy meals, super sized glutton-feasts, or 96 piece buckets of KFC for your family meal.

Nobody's forcing these people to hit the drive through window on the way home, and nobody's forcing them to get off their asses and exercize either. Could the two be connected?

I am surprised that McDonald's has so many defenders, particularly in light of the recent revelations of "Fast Food Nation", in which the many horrors of this industry, and of this company in particular, were laid bare. The outrage demonstrated here toward human weakness, while understandable, seems disproportionate to that felt toward those who exploit that weakness for profit -- since surely those who exploit it have an interest in perpetuating it. While it is hard to understand the lack of dignity requisite to making such a suit one's self, I cannot imagine anyone really thinks that McDonald's is being treated unfairly?

Presidio Med, the tv show, had a great recent storyline just like this, only the kid didn't eat fast food but grits and fried chicken.

Of course, the kid in the story was a black teen boy who weighed close to 300lbs. The mother of the boy argued with the heart specialist, a black woman from the south, and out it came. The mother was only feeding her child the comfort foods from her childhood, and since she's under 200lbs herself, what harm was she really doing her son on the same diet? Um, he's here to see a heart specialist, isn't he, woman?? You get the idea.

As for McDicks, I eat there a few times of the month, and as someone who is restricted on a diet that severely limits all preservatives and additives, I have to tell you about the menu at this food shack. Of all the things they sell up here in Canada, I can have three. I eat the same three all the time, rotating them each visit. NONE of those items are off of their new "Healthy Foods" board. I asked for an ingredients listing of each food they serve, and I was shocked to find out that the healthy line would make me blow up literally overnight. So, to argue that the food there wouldn't make you blow up overnight is a bit erronous. The problem is that when I eat food I shouldn't, I bloat. Bloat looks like fat in physical terms. After awhile, the meat I eat will sit in my digestive track, no moving, but taking up space, never to be passed out and thus adding mass weight to my frame. The scale will reflect that.

I am chosey (remember that slogan, anyone? "Chosey cheese eaters chose chesse bugers at McDonalds.") in my food choices, and I think that's what it comes down to. There isn't anyone who has to watch over me. My own mother didn't. Mind you, she also didn't have the funds to take us to fast food joints every day, and when she did, it was restricted to once a week to shut us up and keep us from whinging on about the other kids.

I'm a lazy shit when it comes to exercise, but McDicks hasn't put weight on my frame. I have. McDicks food didn't harm my body. I wouldn't let it. I don't eat health food b/c it's bad for my particular body. I don't recommend that to everyone. Tufu on The Zone diet made me fatter in two months than all the pizzas I ate as a kid combined.

It comes down to choices and respect for your body. I respect mine, I take care of it the only way I can. In return, my doctors understand and don't need to treat me like some heart attack about to happen either. I can't see myself ever being so fat I need to sue someone's ass. I guess I'm too passive in my Canadian ways to get to that point. :-)