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today's public service announcement

Yale Petition to Oppose Divestment from Israel.

From N.Z. Bear: Also on their site is a list of links to other anti-divestment campus groups, including those at Columbia, the University of Pennsylvania, Harvard/MIT, the University of California, and the University of Michigan.

If you are affiliated with any of these schools in any way, I urge you to sign the appropriate petition and show your support for Israel. And if not, consider donating to one of the sponsoring groups --- or at least, drop them a message of support.


Hmmm - I have always wondered - why should we support Israel, and its occupation of land it took from the Palestineans? Sure, people can argue back and forward about the Six Day War, scream "you started it", or "No, you did". Go back to 1947 or 1948, and it was the Isrealis committing "terrorist acts". I guess the world felt sorry for all the jews killed by Hitler in WW2, so letting them take some land that belonged to someone else was seen as compensation.

In reality, is anyone in the whole middle east tragedy blameless? How many Palestinean civilians have been killed recently? How many Israeli civilians have been killed recently? How many people on either side have lost children, parents, brothers, sisters? How many people have been forced from their homes, seen their livelihoods destroyed? Whatever the numbers, can you really tell me that one side is much, much worse that another, and thus we shoudl support the "good guys"?

But yet some people here in the US blindly accept that anything the Israelis do is acceptable, while anything the Palestineans do is evil. Sorry, the world is not that black and white.

When was the last time an Israeli stepped into a store in Palestine with a bomb belt on?

When was the last time an Israeli walked into a school cafeteria and detonated himself?

When was the last time you saw a picture of an Israeli school pagaent in which the children were dressed like terrorists and were shouting for the blood Palestinians?

hmmm.... Let's check some facts:

The Jews first came to Israel as a nation around 1270 BC - 1800 years befre the BIRTH of Islam. Jeruslam is never even mentioned in the Quran - even once. In 1947 the Jewish people accepted the UN Partition Plan, though it gave Arabs 85% of the land originally promised by the British. The Arabs rejected the plan. Israel returned the Sanai Peninsula (2 1/2 times the size of Israel) for peace with Egypt. At Camp David II (2000) PM Barak offered the Palistinians a state comprising of 91-97% of the territories, military control of Eastern Jerusalem,parts of the Old City, repatriation for many refugees,and compensation for those who could not return -- All in the interest if peace. Arabs attacked Israel 2 times and the PLO was created before there were any "occupied territories". 40% of the West Bank and 95% of Gaza - comprising 97% of the Palestinian population, is under the control of the Palistinian Authority. Israel is the ONLY democracy in that entire region.

I could go on, but I think my point is coming across. Blind? No. Informed? Yes. Go back to watching CNN.

For some perspective~ Palestinian Case Against Israel
Lotsa stuff I did'nt know~good to be informed.