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that's some wack shit, dude

From NYC Indymedia:

November 20th was the Not In Our Name National Student/Youth Day of Action Against The War. Here at ‘Ground Zero’ thousands of New York City high school and college students gathered in solidarity to say “NO, NOT IN OUR NAME” to the war on Iraq. Over 2,000 strong the youth took the entire street of Broadway. We did this in the face of threats from administration, campus security that tried to block them at the doors, talk of suspension, and all kinds of other wack shit. We rallied at Union Square, till our numbers swelled so much we just HAD to take it to the streets. The cops said we could have University Place--but as we all shouted out together as we did it: “We’re taking fucking Broadway!!!”

Yea, that's some fucking wack shit.

I just found that story amusing for some reason.

And then we did! As one of the MC’s said, “We took Union Square without a permit. We marched down fucking Broadway without a permit. We permitted ourselves to take history into our own hands!”

Translation: We broke the law! We ignored the police! We actually thought we were making history by shouting in the streets! Rules? We don't need no stinkin' rules. Fuck authority cause we are gonna do some wack shit for history!

We moved to Washington Square Park and held a HOT rally, fists in the air. Students talked about why they came out--why they weren’t intimidated. One student pointed to a playground on the other side of the park. She said, “Look at all those innocent little children playing. If they were in Iraq they could be dead in a few days. We are not going to let that happen!” Another student came up and said, “This goes out to my principal who threatened me with suspension. FUCK YOU!!! You are not in danger of being drafted. I AM!!! And I am not going to sit in your fucking school and be intimidated by you!”

Darling, if those little innocent children were in Iraq they wouldn't be playing on a playground. They don't have that kind of free childhood. And yea, they might be dead tomorrow because the leader of their country might decide they were expendable and dip them in a vat of acid. Or maybe they would just starve to death. Or maybe they would they would be praying for America to come in and liberate them.

As for the shout out to the principal - wow man, you are like, uh, so fucking cool Beavis.

Imagine the nerve of that principal for suspending a kid for cutting out of school!

Together we took the Not In Our Name Pledge of Resistance, fists in the air! We promised to ourselves and to the people of the world that with every escalation and war move from the Asses of Evil, we’re gonna meet it with escalating Resistance!

Odd are ten to one that when the next terrorist attack happens in New York City, this kid will be under his bed crying for his mommy. And he will not resist when the armed fucking forces of America go out to save his scrawny, cowardly ass.


Hmmmmm.... Drafted..... {a Homer moment}

Perhaps this whiney little shit ought to be drafted, just to give him an appreciation for what he has. Congress could pass a law, the Fuckwad Millitary Service Act, drafting him. Oh, and make the term of serivce about ten years, like the French Foreign Legion.

Thank you. I just need more people saying this. When are these fools going to learn. I was in Iraq the first time around and believe me those people are ready to come live free in America if they could get away from the freak that rules them. I still can see their eyes pleading for help.

Along the same lines, there is an editorial in Wednesday's edition of the Daily Aztec (the student newspaper at San Diego State University) that deserves to feel the force of your blood-thirsty wrath.
Please go to: http://dailyaztec.com/archives.html, click on Fall-2002, then Wednesday, November 20th. Then click on the title “Join US military, degrade humanity” on the Opinion section for the latest “gem” by Joe Zarro.
Give ‘em hell, girl.

So a bunch of high school kids cut class in NYC by using the "going to a protest" excuse. Been there, done that. We also used the "obscure catholic holiday" and "obscure jewish holiday" excuse. We just didn't take it so seriously though. Amazing how they got no real press coverage aint it.

It's really annoying how you always put together Al-Quaeda and the Iraq. They have as much to do with each other than Martin Luther and the Pope.

Pathetic. By the way; there is no draft. I lived through the Viet Nam Draft and was just young enough to have my number come up in '72 when we were pulling out. I also have tow older brothers and one was drafted and served in Nam but the other was ROTC and served in Korea. These brats don't have a clue. We have a volunteer army and there is not any draft nor even any talk about starting a draft. So they are resisting nothing but school. Now I know the government schools are lame and I left them when I was 14. I got my GED later when I signed up for the Navy. If they want to skip school they be honest about it and say, 'I hate this lame ass school'. That would be no surprise to anyone. But to pretend they are 'resisting the draft' when there is no draft is just silly. And to imagine that they think they are saving people is the delusion of grandeur. They believe that by skipping school they will avert war. There is NO way to avert war with Iraq. These brats clearly don't know that Iraq started a war and lost. And they surrendered. We already won. They just refuse to disarm. And they are required to disarm by the ENTIRE INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY. Excepting perhaps Syria dictatorships like it. But, again that is a reflection of our lame school system.

Moni, dear. Please read again.

This post was not about either al Quaeda or Iraq. It is about chicken shit little cowards who hate our military and hate our government and look for any excuse to run out into the streets shouting FUCK AUTHORITY, but who will be the first begging for their asses to be protected by the military and government when - not if, but when - terrorism hits here again. Whether that terrorism comes from Iraq or fucking Saskatchewan is not the point.

And if it's really that annoying, hon - there's always that X in the upper right hand corner of your browser.

Michelle - check out that article Pearl mentions, pulitzer (or putzer) material.

It's really annoying when people deny that Qaeda and Iraq are not peas in the same pod. Actually, they are linked in that they are both groups of depraved murderers who would kill us if given the chance. I think it's much more economical to lump them in the same bunch. And Luther and Pope were both Christians and leaders weren't they? They probably have more in common than you think. Anyway, feel free to take Michele's advice and exercise your liberty. Cheers!

I'm horribly disappointed. There was no mention of large puppets, or of Corporate Greed. What kind of protest WAS this? Wussies.

(snort, chuckle) a HOT rally... (rolls eyes)

All laws are good - if they weren't, they wouldn't exist.
You should never break the law. People who do should be jailed.

ummm, all the laws, everywhere in the world? Or just here in the US? Because even in our country we have a lot of conflicting laws, and laws that make no sense, and that's why we have judges, to interpret and make sense of the laws. BTW, what's your take on perjury, hmmmm?

Would they like some cheese with that whine? Their teachers must be so proud.

No, I'm not feeling very sympathic either for all the reasons already mentioned.

I think that guy has a right to be against the draft but he shouldn't live off of the thoughts "fuck authority" this government will be our protection from things that we won't be able to control and he will accept that authority than, in fact he'll be begging for it.

Listen, as a 19 year old U.S Naval personell, some of the comments made by people my age (protestors etc.) boggle the mind. You know what, sure maybe it is over the price of oil, maybe its about the price of oil and stopping a publicly known, world renound mad man from murdering his own people or the people of the United states or places like Israel and kuwait. I fully understand that this is America the land of the free, freedom of speech etc. and people like me of ages between 17 and 55 wake up every morning and defend the freedoms that make this country what it is, so im not going to say some thing like "dumb fuckin hippie college kids" because you know what, an oppinion is ALWAYS valid and feelings are ALWAYS valid, but more importantly, UNDERSTANDING is just as valuable. There is a job to do and the reason people can go to school, work, parties, bars, clubs, sporting events is because of people like me willing to make the ultimate sacrifice because some COLLEGE GRADUATE politicians think it is the best thing for this country. And you know what? I wouldnt think twice about the job i do, but it would be nice to walk through time square or union square with out being spit at, or cursed out or attacked by the people that my colleagues and I defend with our lives.