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on the bus

I'm settling in here. Stacy has a done a fine job finding my essence in this design. She made it so it's easy for me to tweak, and I'm sure I'll be fooling around with the colors and whatnot before long.

I dreamed about buses last night and with good reason; there has been threats of a school bus strike in our district for the last week. The last thing I heard on the news before I went to sleep last night was that the strike was imminent. So of course, I dreamed of buses and kids getting to school late.

This morning the news say the strike has been averted. Good. And then I click through that story and over to CNN and I see a bus, a shell of a bus really, windows blown out and roof torn apart.

CNN calls it a suicide bombing, FOX calls it a homicide bombing and I still call it a terrorist attack.

There were children on that bus. I think of the juxtaposition of the two stories. Me, over here in America, worrying that the bus won't come today. And over in Israel, sobbing relatives, staring at the bus that became the place of death for their loved ones.

Think for a minute about the soul of a person who can step onto a bus, see children sitting there, and then proceeds to blow the bus up.

Think about the mind of a person who believes he is justified in doing that.

Try to put yourself in that mind, that soul. It's a very scary place to be. It is the mind and soul of someone who knows nothing but hate and death; someone who was born and raised into a culture of terrorism. He knew nothing else but a sick sense of revenge and justification.

This will never end because the people will not let it end. While the children of Israel are on buses headed to school, their Palestinian counterparts are being dressed in the garb of suicide bombers. They are being taught hate and death. They are being raised in blood. They will never know any better and when they are older they will only see a bus full of innocent children as targets.

Abdel Aziz Rantisi, a leader of Hamas, said shootings and bombings would not stop. "The only way to liberate the land and the nation ... is resistance, first and foremost martyrdom operations," he told the Arab satellite TV station Al Jazeera.

As long as they believe that, and they are passing that warped sense of martydom onto their children, it will never stop.


i was just watching the news from toronto, and evidently no one has claimed responsibility for the attack.

so, of course, i'm thinking 'well, perhaps someone's broken the palestinian's exploding streak.'

when you think about it, what are the odds of it being a palestinian 'militant' group?

For the past several years I've had a bad feeling that the Israelis will someday be pushed "too far". I usually take the Israeli side in the conflict, but I would hate to see some sort of drastic, desperate action taken by the government. Hopefully, cooler heads will prevail, but I worry that the Palestinians don't really realize what they could be letting themselves in for if Israel ever feels cornered, desperate, and/or hopeless. With luck they will never have to find out...

You are 100% correct in stating that nothing will change until the mindset changes. I just want to slap Bush upside the head when I hear him gibber on about the latest mass murder of innocent kids or pensioners "not derailing the peace process." Note to Dubya - there is no fucking peace process, pal. At best it's a jobs program for otherwise-unemployable geeks at Foggy bottom.

Face it: Arafat, a ululating, Jew-hating cutthroat remains in power because most of his constituency is similarly packed with ululating, Jew-hating cutthroats or those that sympathize with them. Palestinians have turnd into a degraded, debased death cult interested in one thing: pushing Israel into the sea or, barring that felicitous eventuality, killing as many of them as possible. Unless and until that changes, all the signatures on all the documents you can put in front of the fork-shaven little tyrant won't mean a thing.

It appears that the Palestinian people are rapidly loosing the right to live. When the targets are school children they have lost all legitimacy (what little they had). The Israelis must be extremely patient folks but that will have to have an end. Arafat and his bunch has to go and be replaced with more moderate leadership, else disaster is looming.

My comment over at the Rottweiler pretty much sums up my opinion on this, but I thought I'd add the thought that Bush has consistently shown a tendency to keep his cards close to his chest. Personally, I think--I HOPE--that he's only talking about the peace process to get everyone to hold on long enough to deal with the nukes in Iraq, then cheerfully annihilate anything resembling Palestinian resistance in a squeeze play, with Israel on the other side. Nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.

Of course, I will have a few choice things to say about Bush if he doesn't come to the aid of the Israelis. I don't know about voting Demotwit, but I will never forget.

During the recent sniper attacks in DC, my wife and I were talking about how easy it would be for al Queda to really terrorize us by targeting our kids, based upon the reaction to the snipers.

Of course, we figured that doing something like that would remove just about any restraints on our military forces.

Fuck with our kids and we'll remove you from the planet and if that means turning the Islamic world into a parking lot, so be it.

The Israelis are showing amazing restraint.

They're showing far more restraint than we would in similar circumstances. If I was an Israeli, I'd be advocating "transfer."

Love the new look, it rocks - and the switch to pop-up comments is a definite plus!

I was thinking the exact same think, yak...and to put that in perspective, let me say that I not only live in the DC area, I WALKED to Tasker Middle School every weekday for two years. When I was twelve and thirteen. It's less than a mile from my house. The sniper attacks were much food for thought.

I still don't get how we can justify our war on terror when we keep telling Israel to deal with their terrorists.

And if you look at history of the region starting with the UN resolution in 1947, you'll see that the Palestinians have had every chance to have a country of their own. They really don't seem to want it as long as there are Jews in the land as well. Guess they need to start looking elsewhere....