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I'm baaaaaaaack

What a day. What a fucking day. I am off Dreamhost and on Bloggerzone.

Stacy is an amazing person. I can't say enough about her. I sent out a shout for help this morning - just asking her what the problem could be. Not only did she go in and try to upgrade the MT for me, but when she realized that wasn't the problem, she emailed my hosts, told me to find a new one, set my blog and my MT up on the new host, moved everything and started a redesign. I would bear her children if I could.

So now I'm on a new host, everything looks great, and our computer guy came over and networked our comps, finally. What does that mean? It means Justin and I will be conversing through AIM from now on. Just like old long distance days. Except I won't be able to lie about what I'm wearing.

So, did you miss me?


Of course we missed you!! Sounds like you've had loooootttttsss of fun. Welcome back!.!.!

Hey, I know it's your day to rule, but snap your fingers and get Stacy to do your bidding? That's beyond belief! Has she gone all soft and squishy? Or has your power grown to unbearable proportions?

Seki is the goddamn queen of the fucking internet.

Ah, she's boppin' around helping people to get you lulled into a false sense of security. Then, WHAM! You'll be in her trap. I see her little game...

wonderful to have you back! :)

This invalid piece of shit template is only temporary... Solonor...my office, NOW.

gulp heh heh...only kidding? :)

Now you've done it, Solly. You pissed off the Queen!

The management of Solonor.com wishes to inform the public that any comments made by its former owner were completely taken out of context. Those responsible have been...um...well it ain't pretty...

Stacy is the reason Gore invented the Internet.

Pissing her off is a bad idea, I agree.


What was the issue with the hosting service so that the rest of us can be forwarned?


What a strange experience. I fired up the computer and a small victory wasn't listed as recently updated. I worried about whether Michele was okay, or whether BlogRolling was broken.

I know that Seki is busy designing, but there's this cool thing happening now where the stuff in the right hand column doesn't show up unless I mouse over it. Then it disappears again after I scroll away. Probably not intentional, yet intriguing.

Ahhh there you are...

Looking as gorgeous as ever too. Now fire me up, cos I'm about to go into a meeting and could do with drawing on some of your venting power..

Jill, that's what I like to call the "acid flashback" effect.

I will look into it, though.

The new layout is very sharp.

<whine>However, one aspect of the layout you had before that I really liked was the width of the content column. It was wider, and I believe that it was fluid; i.e., if I made my browser window wider, the content column would widen. This made reading easier -- less scrolling.</whine>

Beth, I agree. I'm working on that right now.

jadedju, platform and os, please?

I have the same problem with the material on the right not showing up until I mouse over it. I am using IE 5.1 for the Mac, running on Mac OS X.

Sorry, I actually did some work today. I meant to leave the platform/browser info earlier: MAC OS 9, IE 5 for the MAC.

Oh, and it's still doing the mysterious thing over there

I was just hoping that you didn't get taken hostage in some freak courtroom incident reported on CNN that was only broken by a mysterious masked woman known as "Tits of War." Props to seki for the cool design, but I think the image should be more leather-dominatrix type than Disney Heavy.

Just my opinion.

I would like to state for the record that I have ZERO control over what image the crazy woman puts up there at the top.