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Attention: Yahoo Mail sucks ass. If you are waiting for an email from me, it's likely that I have written said email but it has vanished into the netherworld of known as "cannot access mailbox." If you have sent me a mail and I have not responded, it's likely that I never got the email at all because it is stuck in a purgatory known as "invalid mailbox state."

There's got to be a better way.



fast and easy, with no ads.
of course, it's canadian - but don't hold that against it.

Since I have discoverd blogs and have been commenting, the spam I get to this account has skyrocketed! 9 times out of 10, I am not really looking for a response, just dropping a comment to say that you are awsome. :)

Perhaps you aren't clicking the send/receive button hard enough. Go back and try again.

My someidiot.com mail has treated me good for a couple of years

I got this email from some idiot. It's been working fine for a couple of years

Why don't you use your Dreamhost e-mail accounts?

I've had a Juno account for quite some time (7 years, I think), and I have few complaints. They have lots of dial-up numbers and seem to add more every month. My only gripe is that the free version doesn't have a filtering device like Eudora does.

I've had problems with Yahoo a LOT lately. It sucks. But, I hate my Outlook Express more. There's no way to win. GRRRRRRR!

Keep plugging away with Yahoo. It usually gets better.

hey. i've got to recommend lycos UK mail. it's free, with 15mb space and it's pretty reliable. no great special features though. also you get supposed pop3 access, tho never used it successfully.

i'll try and learn to comment more :)

I don't know if you ever wrote me about my premonition. I just don't want you to think I'm being rude for not replying.

(Had a big flame war over the summer over something this stupid... I'm not ready for you yet.)

The Yahoo boxes fill up too quickly..but it wasn't always that way. They used to be a pretty good group for a number of things, and now all of the above suck terribly.

And I've had the same spam from comment posing, so I feel Tim's pain.