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another performer in the clueless parade

another performer in the clueless parade

Have you had enough of Susan Sarandon yet? Well Susan Sarandon hasn't. The woman (oops, womyn) has just graduated to Grand Fucknozzle Master.

It's not just that she claims it is the job of artists to speak out on their political views. It's not even her claim that actors and actresses are "outside of society" that irritated me so much this time around. (Tim Blair takes care of those points).

It is this line, "I've maintained a fairly low standard of living in terms of cars, houses and planes and in that way I don't have to make a huge amount of money to maintain my lifestyle," that left me feeling just slightly this side of homicidal.

Cars. Houses Planes.

Is that what the average Hollywood millionare considers a "low standard of living" these days? What kind of person besides a smug rich one mentions planes when talking about their living standars? And a low one at that!

I'm sure all those nice folk who are marching behind her at protests will be relieved to know she follows through on all her capitalism-is-evil talk and maintains such a low standard of living. I mean, maybe I am over reacting. Maybe she has only two planes and not four of five like some of those greedy bastards in Hollywood.

Of course, since Ms. Sarandon believes that, as an artist, she is outside of society, she will just deflect any criticism of her lifestyle with that teflon coating of fame she is wearing.

These poor, put upon actors who are under so much distress for their anti-governemnt views, I just want to weep for them. They claim they don't want to be role models, they don't want to be put on some pedestal, but then they get pissed when no one is listening to them outside of their acting parts.

There's a reason that only a few thousand misguided people gathered together in solidarity and protest are listening to you, Susan: you have nothing new to say.

You know, I'm being really mean here. It's not fair. I think I'll start a new cause just for Susan Sarandon: The New PETA.


What would the new PETA throw on people, bad B movies?

Did you see this? Her new selfless cause is to get a New Jersey Turnpike rest stop named after her. Too bad for her that the rest stops are only named for "deceased prominent people strongly associated with New Jersey."


Forget planes; how many folks with a 'fairly low standard of living' mention cars and houses in the plural, rather than singular.

And yes, she's 'outside society'. Way, way, way outside. As in 'out there in the ether of her own fevered brain' sort of outside society.

Jen hit the nail on the head. A private aircraft can be had for a mere $30,000 to $50,000 depending on the equipment.

However speaking of those capital assets in the plural while making her 'point' is too much.

What constitutes a "huge amount of money"? Does she mean she only needs to make 1 million per flick rather than 10 million? Either way, fuck her. (sorry)

You'd better wise up, Janet Weiss
You'd better wise up
Build your thighs up
You'd better wise up

- from the Rocky Horror Picture Show, starring Susan Sarandon as Janet Weiss.

She's always been on the outside fringe of things in real life. This is not surprising, even to casual observers. Terrific actress, though - good thing I pay attention to their onscreen performances rather than their offscreen performances.

Also from Rocky Horror, the only movie I could stand with the plastic Ms S.

Susan Sarandon can kiss my en-tire ass! She better get started NOW because it is quite ample!

Does she even hear the words that come out of her mouth? I swear these celebrities live in some sort of alternate universe in their own minds. It certainly doesn't bear any relation to the world I live in.

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Cars in the plural, I can deal with. Houses and Planes? I don't own a house or a plane.

I'm sorry... the populist angle Susan is working for is lost when she mentions multiple houses and airplanes.

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