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or maybe the batmobile

or maybe the batmobile

What would Jesus Drive?

Well, duh! A Chrystler!


Jeebus walks in the great shining path of Monster Trucks.

I've answered this one successfully before, and I'll deign to do it again here. He'd drive a tanker truck so he could bring his homebrew wine to a bottler for eventual resale.

Old I Am Who Am has been loyal to the Mopars almost since Day One. Remember when Adam and Eve lost their lease on the Garden of Eden? God drove them out in his Fury. (Chrysler eventually phased out all forms of Plymouth, for which they will presumably burn in hell.)

I'm thinking at least a 15 passenger van. Him, and his 12 buddies need some room to stretch out a bit.

Who makes the popemobile?

I'm certain I saw Him once in a VW bus back in the '60s. At least I THINK it was Him. Sure looked like Him.

Bad Michele!

Well, if we are going to take into account his apostles and his family, maybe he would have to drive this:

Dude, I want to ride in that.

Hmmmm...me...and John Cusack.

You people are so silly. They didn't have cars in the time of Jesus.

Besides, Jesus could fly. Remember Superman II, when General Zod walks on water? He could fly, too - so obviously Jesus could fly.

Honestly. I don't understand people that are so gullible as to believe he walked around everywhere.

Those people were Pedestrians.

That was a long way to go for a cheesy joke, Jim.

Good effort, though. I give it a B+.

Only the classiest for the MAN! 1925 Rolls-Royce Silver "Holy" Ghost.

Nah, it'd be a big and dirty'ol diesel pickup truck with a gun rack in the rear window, a broken down bale of hay and a bunch of crushed beer cans in the back, cowshit crusted onto the bumpers, and the radio blastin' something 'bout "Miles and Miles of Texas"! I think I just saw him on my way home!!

Joachim, that wasn't Jesus. It was Ted Nugent.

Accoring to the book of John, Jesus drove a Honda. "For I did not speak of my own Accord"

Hopefully it was one of those V6 gas guzzlers.

Jesus would drive something that didn't look like anything special but was actually very bad news.

My father, who was a motorhead in his younger days, refers to such a vehicle as a 'sleeper.'

Something simple but nice, such as a Pontiac Bonneville or something like it; a nothing-to-look at 4-door vehicle. But instead of having the usual 2.8 liter, 6 cylinder, 250 horsepower engine, it would in fact have a 454 big block, 8 valves per cylinder, double overhead cams, supercharger, and almost 500 horsepower.