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New Rule

New Rule:

If you jump into my comments with name calling and baseless accusations and don't leave a name or email address, your IP gets banned.

I'm all for debate and discussion and even arguing. I am not, however, for doing it as a coward. Stand up and look me in the face if you have something to say to me or don't bother saying it at all.


woohoo! damn right.

You have great boobies.

Yeah - what they said!

But what if it's a secret admirer who want to tell you that he's madly in love with your wicked little mind????

WOO HOO! Michelle

I just turned on the TV and there's a movie on featuring a fight between Andrew Dice Clay and Shannon Tweed so now I've forgotten why I clicked the Comments thingy. Erm .. good night.

There she goes, kicking @## and taking names. I want to be just like michele when I grow up!!