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found a peanut

found a peanut

Jimmy Carter says U.S. should set example and disarm:

The former United States president Jimmy Carter says the US, which has taken the lead in urging such countries as Iraq and North Korea to destroy their weapons of mass destruction, should also disarm.

"One of the things that the United States Government has not done is to try to comply with and enforce international efforts targeted to prohibit the arsenals of biological weapons that we ourselves have," Mr Carter told CNN.

"The major powers need to set an example," Mr Carter said, as the US confronts Iraq over its possession of such banned weapons.

"Quite often the big countries that are responsible for the peace of the world set a very poor example for those who might hunger for the esteem or the power or the threats that they can develop from nuclear weapons themselves.

The man has lost his mind.

I suppose if I confront a robber, Jimmy would want me to drop my gun in the hopes that the robber would drop his gun, too. After all, the robber is jealous of the power that my gun holds, or he's making up for not having as big a set of balls as me or something.

What does Nobel Prize winner Mr. Carter expect to happen when the U.S. disarms? The flowers will grow and the children will sing and all nations will join together as one and live in harmony?

No, not quite. We'd be at the mercy of those left holding the weapons. And they would be laughing at us. Laughing very hard.

If you are in a crowded room, someone will be the tallest. Someone will be the strongest. Someone will be the loudest. On a planet of nations, one nation will always be the most powerful. If not the U.S., then who? I would like to ask Mr. Carter which nation he would choose to be the strongest. Which nation does he think can fill the role as the world's babysitter? Iraq? Sweden? Canada?

He also said:

The US had given many countries cause for resentment and scorn, he said.

"There is a sense that the United States has become too arrogant, too dominant, too self-centred, proud of our wealth, believing that we deserve to be the richest and most powerful and influential nation in the world.

"I think they feel that we don't really care about them, which is quite often true."

Here we go again with the "America is to blame" rhetoric.

Sure, we are a wealthy nation. We are a powerful nation. We are an influential nation. Unlike say, Iraq or North Korea, our citizens are free. We are free to work and live and worship and shop were we want to. We can move about and speak freely. That is what leads to a nation becoming wealthy and influential - because our government allows us to become that. Resentment? Sure. The same way a person who is a lazy shit and works at a menial, part-time job becomes resentful of his best friend who worked his ass off and made a ton of money and lives a good, productive, happy life. It's resentment borne of jealousy. There's no reason that those nations could not have become like the U.S. But their tyranical leaders loved the control too much and would not let their citizens be free.

As for the U.S. not caring about other nations, then why the hell are we always running to the rescue of everyone else?

If Mr. Nobel Peace Prize thinks the other nations of the world are so much better than the U.S., then perhaps he should go seek his fortune in one of those places. His disdain for his oun country is very obvious.


I voted for him many years ago. I am disappointed he feels this way. He is a good man, but something has softened in him. He needs to be more pro-American. We are a benevolent giant - sending food and aide all over the world, and no one says thanks.

This is the kind of thing that makes me fall to my knees and uncharacteristically scream "Thank GOD a Republican was president on 9/11." "I think they feel that we don't really care about them"?? "We've set a very poor example"??? You'd think for all the world the man was talking about kindergarten-age children rather than other countries' leaders.

For all the Republican Party's horrible positions, and they are many, at least they're not airheads. Yeesh.

Jimmy Carter is the guy who turned his back on the Shah of Iran and allowed Khomeini to come to power. In the name of "human rights."

As a result the first Islamofascist government was born, and the very first thing they did was take 50 US diplomats hostage. So much for the Carter "human rights" policy.

Frankly, I don't know why anyone listens to this man. The only really useful thing he did was to be such a total idiot that Reagan could win 60% of the vote in a 3-way race.

If Carter REALLY wants to be of some use to the cause of peace, he should go on a hunger strike until North Korea gives up the Bomb.

Has it not occurred to Mr. Carter that this is not exactly a good time to talk about America disarming? To say the least...

Give up the grand arsenal of Democracy? Sheesh, and I only got started cataloging it.

Jimmy Carter should have Habitat for Humanity (the only good thing he has ever been involved with since his presidency) build some houses in Hillary's Village. He and the Clintons should move in and then we can nuke 'em!
He has totally gone off the deep end!

There has been no change in Jimmy Carter since he left the White House. He was just as soft, and soft-headed, then as he is now. He is the one, after all, who exclaimed in surprise at the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. Where had he been since 1945, asleep? Not really, he had just bought in to the lying left-wing fiction about the evil and imperialist USA.

As for disarming, we tried that already. The result was World War II. Does Jimmy want World War III?

You hit the nail on the head about the poor guy resenting the rich guy. I do that all the time, when all I have to do is get off my ass and work a little harder. Blaming the rich guy just takes a lot less effort. :0)

Oh, and Mr. "I won a nobel peace prize even though I let American hostages suffer in terror and be treated like animals for 444 days without lifting a finger"?

Saddam wanted me to tell you the "check is in the mail" for this remark.

I don't really agree with some of what he said, but for the record, he's saying that the U.S. should stop stockpiling BIOLOGICAL weapons that we're going to war to remove from belligerent countries. There is also a global effort around the world to ban these sorts of weapons from all country's arsenals. Why? Because they're disgusting and evil. Plagues spread as a weapon? How awful is that?

Also, his point about setting an example is in a way correct: if the world's only superpower maintains its power by armament, well, of course the only way to threaten that superpower is by war.

Anyway, the U.S. isn't going to disarm in any way shape or form. I wouldn't get too worked up over it. ;) Remember, this is post Republican-sweep Election Day. Now, the Supreme Court and the President and the House and Senate are all Republican-dominated. America is your Burger King and you guys are gonna get it your way for the next two years!

Don't forget,he's Billy's brother.And his North Korea dealings worked out oh so well.Put him .the Clintons and Gore in the cones of silence and hope they stay there.bye bye

Jimmy did so much wrong as President and after, it's not even funny. He gave away the canal (that we built), let the Ayatollan take over and let him hold Americans as hostages for 444 days. His deal with North Korea (along with Billy) has shown us how trustful those mofos are. All the good he's really done is a Middle East "peace" deal and bulld houses (from what I can remember at 4:30 AM

The ex-president has committed a graver sin than "lusting after Lanie Kazan" in his heart.His unthinking words give aid and solace to the enemies of our people.And he belies international agreements which di away with our chemical arms in the 70's. We now only conduct research (yeah,right) not developement.Too bad Mr. Carter is out of public office,and no longer subject to the rules of good governance.He can't be impeached as a private citizen.

I seriously doubt that Jimmy Carter is in any sort of position to know the extent to which we might be stockpiling biological or chemical weapons...IF we are, and my own understanding is that we are NOT, and that we are prohibited by international treaty from doing so. Why would we need those sorts of weapons when we have the largest and most sophisticated military force in the world, coupled with a tactical nuclear arsenal capable of pinpoint precision? We can lay down the smack anywhere and any time we want to.

I really, REALLY wish this guy would just go away. He has done so much harm already.

Each time I read an article about Jimmy Carter I'm reminded why I voted in favor of his opponent in 1976 and 1980.

If Carter had an ounce of common sense he would recognize the Nobel Peace Prize Committee is merely using him as a pawn to send a message of disrespect and protest to President Bush. If Carter had an ounce of dignity he would decline acceptance of the Nobel Peace Prize.

Carter has neither of these qualities and, therefore, will accept the very tainted Peace Prize.

Our official position is that we have no biological weapons. I believe that is true. We do conduct research with the goal of defending ourselves against such weapons.

We have forsworn the use of chemical weapons. I don't know our progress on destroying them. They may all be gone by now. I know we have been destroying them for years.

We have given up our tactical nuclear weapons. We have reduced our numbers of strategic nuclear weapons. We have ceased to use persistent land mines, with one exception: the Korean Peninsula. We use land mines in permanent minefields there because we are defending a democratic society against a lunatic Stalinist regime enabled in part by one James Earl Carter of Plains, Georgia.

This statement from the former President is among the most idiotic I have ever heard.