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open up and say baaaah!

open up and say baaaah!

It's official. The far left has officially lost their collective mind.

From VoxNYC: (Mr. Voxfux's words in italics)

"The American Empire is in the Hands of Movie Stars"

Bush is NOTHING compared to twenty major movie stars

Just one, "We are the world," style production and Bush falls. That is the power, a group of movie stars could have. And they may be our last hope. For Joe and Jane sixpack live and die on the turn of the symbol - and there's no more powerful symbol in the United States than stardom. Let us do everything and anything we can do to ignite the only thing that can rouse the American People - Movie Stars.

Oh, I can see it now. Babs, Woody, Sean, Jane Fonda, Susan Sarandon...all joining hands on stage. They would sing a rousing anti-war song penned by Bruce Springsteen while a Diamon Vision scoreboard in the background flashed numbers and the words "2,101 Converted to Liberalism!"

Quite possibly the ONLY ones who can rescue us from our dire condition is movie stars, since the overwhelming numbers of American politicians are lying immoral filth, like Bush. Journalists are mentally retarded cowards. and the population is like isolated segmented sheep, each in a sheep box seperated from the other sheep.

Ok, so you don't trust politicians and you don't trust journalists, and that's pretty reasonable. But you trust movie stars? You trust mulit-millionaires who live in mansions and have servants and shoes that cost more than your house is worth to lead you into a rebellion against the government and free the poor people of Iraq from tyranny? What a brilliant idea, to put your faith and trust in people who act for a living. People who by day serve as a mouthpiece for the liberal agenda but at night are out at some swank club, partying and not really giving a fuck about some destitute mother in Iraq. Sheep? What do you call someone who puts blind faith in celebritites to lead the country to some idealist vision of great peace and goodwill towards men? Can you say baaaaah? I thought so.

So far there are but scant few courageous movie stars stepping fourth. Robert Redford was a key early critic of Bush. He delivered an eloquent and passionate indightment of the Bush group. Barbara Streisand has been a vocal critic. Woody Harrelson has torn into Bush. And now Sean Penn delivers a blistering naked dress down of this Illuminati agent currently occupuying the White House.

Ten more movie stars and it is possible to change history. This is the power of stardom in America.

To quote an animated movie star, you are a sad, strange little man. I can't imagine that there are people sitting in the Capitol building discussing what Babs and Sean Penn are saying. Babs retrofits her website to clear up any mistakes she has in her mission statements. Is that the kind of person you want to put your trust in? And we all know what your patron saint, Michael Moore has been up to lately. Ten more movie stars? What are they going to do, parachute into the White House and take over the government? What kind of change can you expect a "We are the World" type event to have on America? Most of us will be laughing are asses off at the far left's attempt to change the course of history with a song and dance routine. Especiallly one starring Woody Harrelson.

Since our cowardly journalists and newspapers have no place in their editorial space for the bravery, integrity and honor that Sean Penn represented he incurred considerable personal expense - some $65,000 - to assure that his stand is is heard and he is on the record. That is more than I could say about Senators Daschle, or Leahy who are like fuckin' nutered sheep)

Bravery, integrity, honor, Sean Penn. Never thought I would see those words strung together. I'd rather not deconstruct that thought here, it would take up too much space.

Voxnyc salutes Sean Penn for Extroardinary Bravery on the Battlefield of Democracy. On November 14th Sean Penn drew his sword and thrust it squarely into the belly of the beast of tyranny. If only more of our stars could have the courage to strike such blows you would see this faker, this phony, this cowardly draftdodger Bush fall right on his face. We must begin a wave of dissent and protest. General strikes. No-buy days.

The Battlefield of Democracy? Bravery? Please, spare us your soap opera drivel. If Sean Penn was so brave on the battlefield he would be over in Iraq feeding the hungry with that $65,000 he spent on a newspaper ad. He would be taking poor kids to the doctor or buying textbooks for schools that are lacking in funds. He would be standing right there in Baghdad where his money and his bravery could do some good.

As for your no-buy day, bravo to you for supporting that gem of an idea - hey! let's hurt the economy to strike out at the president we hate because we think he destroyed the economy!

Thank You Sean Penn - for standing up to tyranny. The founding fathers of this nation would be there along side you.

The founding fathers would smack Sean Penn upside his head for being such a blathering idiot. And you would be next in line, Mr. Vox. You, the rest of your sheep and the Little Bo Peeps called celebrities that you follow along, wagging your tail behind them.

Crawl back under your tinfoil rock and hatch another plan. This one would laughable if it weren't so sad - in a pitiful sort of way.

(on a related note, see this)


First off, I thought I was your sad, strange little man. And second, I'll have what he's drinking.

The guy can't even spell... "fourth" (for "forth"), "indightment," "nutered"...

VoxNYC (with all his misspellings) is wonderful for the GOP! If his line of thinking continues we will win in 2004

Just....I....no words. I have no words. No, wait -

Just one, "We are the world" style production and Bush falls.

Falls down laughing at your dumb asses, along with the rest of us. Good grief.

What an idiot. The power of stardom in the States is due to people who are fascinated by the idea of celebrity and all the assorted gruesome, sordid things that go with such lack of privacy more than it is driven by people really caring what folks in Tinseltown actually do. There are the good samaritans, make no doubt about it, but even I (as a "card-carrying member of the Left" (as someone put it, complete with capital L, although I certainly would term myself more moderate) can see that this is yet another pipe dream from someone without any concrete idea of the various issues involved here.

Acting is the art of lying, or somesuch. But these ultra-rich tertiary frostings on the upper tiers of society have forgotten exactly who and what they are -- mind numbing vacuums of self. Somebody get them a frigging cue card. Or the guillotine -- no difference.

This is a joke, right?
If it isn't, it can only be one thing: ergot poisoning. Massive ergot poisoning. There must something in their Kashi and their wheatgrass juice.

Most pre-teen children have active imaginations and love to engage them in "Let's Pretend". Actors are adults who never matured past this stage and retain a tenuous but ever loosening grip on reality. You're better off to ask advice from a 12 year old.

Ow. This just makes my head hurt.

It's not real. Michele made that site.

Michael, even I don't have enough imagination to come up with that crap.

voxn'sync banned my IP. I've been doing this interweb thing since the BBS days. I've never been banned before.

It's all part of my great conspiracy, Michael. Need a tin foil hat?

Sean Penn, the paragon of virtue who beat his wife.

Yeah, what a guy.

Y'know, I worked in Hollywood. In the film industry. Forget about following these much glorified 'stars' into a battle against the 'repressive' right. I wouldn't follow 'em into a bar even if they said they were buying every round.

Babs? Sean?? You MUST be kidding me. Hey, maybe Sarah Jessica could reform welfare, while we're at it....

'scuse me. My eyes just rolled back up into my head. Must go remedy that.

Didn't I see this in an old, black and white movie starring Mickey Rooney, Bing Crosby and Judy Garland?

Bing: Oh no, the Pubs are ruining our fine country and there is nothing we can do. Woe is me. boo-boo-boo-hmmmmmm

Judy: Aw Mickey, can't you think of anything that would help. You're always the one with great ideas.

Mickey: Hey Judy, I've got an idea. We can get all the kids together to put on a show. I know some hep guys to make the music, you and Bing can sing and I can tell jokes. Shucks, that'll show 'em. You just don't mess with Hollywood. We'll have our beloved Dems back in the Whitehouse in no time.

No... wait... that was White Christmas... sorry...

Maybe if good ol' Sean took out a $65,000 ad with the words separated, forth, indictment, occupying, neutered, and extraordinary in it, this moron would know how to spell them. He certainly seems familiar with the word tyranny.

Hey Jen: You worked in Hollywood? worked at United Artists Corporation in the bad old days in the late Seventies/Early Eighties...the damn funny thing is the same losers whining now were whining louder back then!

That's my feelings exactly, excepyt that back in the Seventies they weren't into bars, more at sneaking into rooms at the UA office and lighting up a few funny cigarettes, not too mention all those funny snorting sounds. all the ones I met had about as much depth as a floor tile.

No one that I know ever takes them seriously.