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monday, monday

monday, monday

I've overslept. I never oversleep. But I was stuck in a dream about my sister playing violin for the mafia while I chastised Matthew Broderick for all the crappy movies he made. I was eating from a plate of raw clams crawling with ants.

Anyhow, morning posting will have to wait until I get to work. My car is covered in a thin layer of ice and Natalie's bus company may be on strike this morning. I love Mondays so.

Meanwhile, I leave you with the proof that I am truly blood thirsty and evil:


You are the quintessential madman. Centuries after your death, crazies will still look up to you as the epitome of your kind. You were the favorite child of the family, but something happened that altered your mind for the worse. As emperor, you killed and you destroyed. You thought yourself Zeus and devoured your unborn child; a child conceived with your sister. Your murder will be celebrated, and your name will forever be linked with depravity.

You were portrayed
by John Hurt.

Which I, Claudius Character are You? created by
Shiny Objects

Besides that part about conceiving a child with my sister, that seems like a pretty good profile of me, no? My mother forced me to watch I, Claudius when I was fourteen. This explains a lot, I believe.

Back to regularly scheduled programming later.


Go make the breakfast and the lunches, MOM!

I love that miniseries. I am Augustus, just about the opposite end of the pole from you. Guess that's why we hate each other, eh? :P

It's the "Livias" you need to be scared of.