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make porn not warblogs!

make porn not warblogs!

I guess I just don't have the energy for blood thirsty war baiting tonight.

How about some porn instead? Everyone loves porn!

This is a site of real X-Rated movies with titles taken from real movies. You know, The Beaverly Hillbillies, Cape Rear, Chittty Chitty Gang Bang.

Have at it. Without repeating anything on the list, make up your own porn titles from real movie titles.

Porn: Something we all can agree on, I believe.

Now, I have to go find backing for my restauRANT.


Always something fun from Michele.

Do believe I need to go find me a copy of the classic movie Going Down and Putting Out in Beverly Hills.

A Man Called Horse doesn't need a new title.

When I was stationed in Japan, "Pocahontas" was in the theaters. I worked across the street from the Camp Courtney theater. One morning, I walked out, looked at the theater marquee and fell over laughing. It seems the theater staff had omitted the 'n' in Pocahontas, which of course results in poke-a-hot-ass, when said aloud.

They are missing quite a few..

um.. so I've heard.

My entries:

Dick Victory
Mr. Smith Cums In Washington
Grand Pricks

No more, I have to go and put lard on the cat's boil now...

OK lets see
I don't know if these are real, but if they aren't, they should be.

"Black Hawk Goes Down"
"Harry Pounder"
"A-Cock-A-Licks Now"

Eh they are kinda weak, but I think the one below makes up for it... my personal favorite:

"Who's Hairy Bum"

Oh man, I am in the wrong buisness.

the silence of the labias.
waterslut down
skrew you, charlie brown
a boy story
bridge over the river cunt
a bad day at black cock
seven brides and seven muthafuckaz
guess who's cumming to dinner
One flew over the cuckoo's big fat cock on your chest, byatch
Pain man
Who's eating gilbert's grapes?
Steel crack-holios
You've got nailed

Ah, that's all I can get on the fly. Someone gimme a list.

Sorry, gotta dominate this thread. I think I've found my true calling.

One flew over the cuckold's nest. (lame revision)
The island of dr morehoes.
Stand by pee.
Drugstore (reverse anal) cowgirl
Star wars: The clone whores
Shakespeare in latex.
A booty-full mind
Intro-view of a vampire
A colostomy bag in paris
Hairy potter and the sorcerer's stones
Hairy potter and the chamber of sucrets (figure it out)
Punch ass love
My so-called wife
Glengarry glen salad-toss
Schindler's fist
Rear wand... oh!

Ah well, I'll stop now. I think there's at least one or two good ones in there. Thanks for the fun. Good luck to the rest.

Teabag and Sympathy
Felch Lives
Lassie Cum Home (Lassie, Come Bone)?
Phar Lap (It Up) okay enough with the bestiality
Newsies! had to put that in cos it's the most ridiculous movie title of all time
In Golden Pond
Pirates of Ben's Pants
My Foul Lady
12 Angry Inches
Shitter (Glitter? Mariah Carey? Groan?)
Poop Ship Destroyer (best Ween song of all time and nothing to do with this list ...)


How about some classics?


Citizen Pain (1941)
The CodFather (1972)
Some Take it Hot (1959)
2001: A Facial Odyssey (1968)
Bonnie & Clyde & Kobe & Chasey & Devon... (1967)
E.T.: The Extra-Testical (1982)
The Treasure of Sierra's Padre (1948)
Singing from the Pain (1952)
High Poon (1952)
Gone With the Window Washer (1939)
CasaBlanket (1942)
A Streetwhore Named Desire (1951)
Rebel Without A Condom (1955)
F**k Soup (1933)


Okay, that is all. Cheers.

The Magnificent Seven Inches
The Whorehouse on Haunted Hill
LA Cumfidential