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bragging moment

bragging moment

Ok one more thing before I tackle some idiots that need tackling (speaking of tackling, don't mention the Packers game if you know what's good for you).

I got Natalie's report card in the mail yesterday. Natalie, the girl who was labeled as a "crack kid" meaning she would fall through the cracks of the school sytem; the girl whose parents were told when she was five that she would never be able to understand math or read on her grade level; the girl who had plenty of teachers who gave up on her but several very special teachers that didn't; the girl whose parents were told to only expect average work out of her and that she would only attain menial job skills; ..well that Natalie made the scholastic roll in her first quarter of 7th grade with an 87.5 average.

That is all.


Woo hoo! Go, Natalie!

Very excellent. Monster's managing his own quick turnaround.

Isn't it great when those voices are wrong?

Wonderful! Made me smile! I had a kid just like that who is now a technical analyst with a terrific job and great family.
Experts? pah...

That's great!

Woo hoo! Now you can tell all the nay-sayers "Bite Me" when they throw shit at her, you, the family.....

Awesome!!! At least with Natalie they don't say it's what's to be expected from a single-parent home. That's what we got at my daughter's school. When asked why 24.8% of the first grade wasn't reading at grade level, they said it's because a large number of children come from single parent homes. OF COURSE...couldn't be the fact that the TEACHERS SUCK!!! 'Course not. Silly me.

Oh yes. When Natalie's 3rd grade teacher asked me to describe her home life and I said that my husband was no longer living in our home, she gave me a condescending, all knowing look, like "aha! So that's why she has learning disabilities!"

Natalie was what first attracted me to your weblog, Michele. I loved the way you spoke about her. After working with the learning disabled for so many years, it was refreshing to run across a mom like you. Still is. :-)

If only, like the Michael Moore webshots, there was some way to shove it right back in the faces of those people when their stupidity is finally revealed. If not for the pure glee when your side is finally corroborated then just to possibly prevent another child from having to experience life after these kinds of oh so helpful predictions. (And truly, what is the point of those predictions? Other than as an excuse on the teacher's part for why they aren't able to do their job properly.)


Tack on to that a kudos to Natalie. It's easy to succeed when everyone expects it of you but to do it when they're not takes dedication and a lot of damn hard work. :)

Congrats to the both of you. In a failed system like the educational establishment today, predict failure is an excuse not to try. Parents who won't let them excuse failure are the only possible hope we have. Keep up the good work!

Yay Natalie! you go, girl. And good work, mama!

Well, duh! eye roll

Way to go Natalie! And way to go Michele!

double on the "WOO HOO'S" - way to go both of you - please tell her I said so even if she has no clue who I am. In my book, kids can never get enough praise.

Atta Natalie!

What? No line score? (ducks)

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