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kiddie overload

kiddie overload

We're finally back home and I'm intent on blogging a whole bunch as soon as I recover from a day spent with more kids than one should ever have to spend the day with. Gaggingly cute pictures of kiddies coming soon. Meanwhile, a sample quote from a typical day with my family:

My brother in law Lew (hi Lew!) is his usual uptight self.

Me (to my mother): Do you want to pull the stick out of his ass or should I?
Mom stares at me wide eyed, mouth agape.
Me: What?
Mom: What did you just say?
I repeat what I said. Mom goes hysterical laughing.
Lew: What? What did I miss?
Mom: I thought Michele asked if I wanted to pull a dick out of your ass.
Lew: (looks at own ass) I don't think there's one in there.

Excedrin. A little wine. A nice hot shower. And then I'll be ready to rock.



I like your mom!

Hell.....I like you, too!

Sounds like a great family. Are you willing to adopt? I come with a case of tequila and alibis

There's a bed waiting for you Joanie!

I'll bring tequila and big boobs if I can move in too. =)

Well Justin is just about drooling now.

You guys are a riot. My hubby wanted to know what was so funny. ;)

I'm still trying to figure out why your mother thought there was a dick up my ass!!!!!!!!!!!!