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advance warning

Advance warning:

We are experiencing a lovely mix of rain, wind and ice pellets today; a typical November nor'easter. This means that there is a very good chance that the cable modem will crap out at some point today. If posting is light, that is the reason. Either that, or we have decided to spend the entire day watching all four discs of the Lord of the Rings Special Edition DVD.


Watched it last night. It's like a totally different movie!

Really? I got the video, but it seems the same. What different with the DVD version?

I agree...it's a BETTER movie with the richer detail provided in the extended version.

The additional reference material is terrific. These guys were really on a quest of their own.

Go ahead...blow off an entire day in Middle Earth...doesn't get better than that..does it?

Curl up together and enjoy some popcorn with the movie.

Or you could spend the day doing this.


Owwww, you have the four CD set, I am so jealous.


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