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ASV site o' the moment

ASV site o' the moment

Something I would like to do on a continual basis here is point to other blogs that I read. I don't read all war all the time. I like blogs about food and blogs about sex and blogs about life in general.

Today's blog is Chapel Perilous. Sylvain is a frequent commenter here, you may recognize her name as someone who leaves thoughtful, intelligent comments. Her blog is no different. The design is warm and comforting and I ofen head over there when I need a moment of zen. Go visit Sylvain - look around, leave her a comment and say hi. Do it For the Childrentm


blogs about sex? point out more of those...

Thank you MicheLe! I may weep
I am timidly experimenting with sex posts in the Tarsus Net section.....
All in the interest of Warmest Toes Worldwide!