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scum.gifPalestinian Islamic Jihad supporters chant anti-Israeli slogans while marching along the streets of Beach refugee camp in Gaza city, Friday Nov. 15, 2002 after militants of Islamic Jihad attacked Israelis in the West Bank town of Hebron. Palestinian militants raked Israeli troops and settlers with massive gunfire Friday in a carefully orchestrated ambush, killing 12 Israelis and wounding 15 in Hebron, a divided city long plagued by religious tensions and flashes of furious violence. (AP Photo/Adel Hana)

Can you imagine someone cheering the death of your father or mother or child? Please, tell me why it is that I should think of these terrorist supporters as human beings with souls? They are animals.

The sad thing is, they don't even know any better. They are raised that way, in a culture of hatred and violence. They are taught to be killers. The cycle will go on and on as long as the children are dressed up in ammo belts and grenades and paraded around in pride, as long as young men raise their arms in a gruesome cheer when twelve innoncent people are gunned down on their way to prayer.


You said it best right here: "The sad thing is, they don't even know any better. They are raised that way, in a culture of hatred and violence. They are taught to be killers."

There aren't any neat easy answers to this one and that's what makes the situation tough....no...impossible.

I mean, we could kill everyone, regardless of age. Because even the youngest will grow up to be killers. But, if we do that, we perpetuate the myths they are taught about us or anyone else. Catch-22. Toss of a coin. 6 of one, half dozen of the other.

Personally? I want my family safe. I'm just not sure how far I'm willing to go to keep them that way when the threat isn't at my front door....yet.

Many people have a hard time grasping the concept of war. If the threat isn't IMMEDIATE and 100% VISIBLE RIGHT NOW....it's difficult to wrap your mind around. I'm willing to project those perceived threats into a need to defend our country.....just not sure if we're really there yet.

and they ask why an american civilian would ever need a fully automatic assault rifle. ha! drop me in that crowd of "revelers" and let me show you how full auto works...

The play"Aunt Dan and Lemon"asks the question of where the line of self-defense is drawn.

it reminds me of the photos showing the siraeli people who are building illegal settlements in the occupied territories protesting and hurling themselves at the israeli soldiers who are coming to tear the houses down and give the land back.
Both sides are killers and terrorists.

I see it as pretty much impossible, too. These young people will pass on their irrational, violent hatred to the next generation. When will it stop?

"Both sides are killers and terrorists" - G

Please. That cop-out is for the intellectually and morally lazy.

Which side is blowing up buses, cafes, and other civilian targets?

Which side is strapping bombs to their own children? Children that have been raised to hate.

The sand-crawling asswipes did the same thing when the World Trade Center Fell. Fuck 'em all.