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boobs or brains?

boobs or brains?

So which is it?

My boobs or my mind?

Shall I cater to the sexist pig (not that there's anything wrong with it) crowd or the crowd that comes here for my blood thirsty vitriol and astute commentary on world affairs?

Umm..does the latter exist?

Women, do you care for the boobs? Would you rather I post pictures of your attributes? I would if you sent them. We could do a whole Sexy Beeyotches of Blogging thing.

I was thinking I could pepper my commentary with pictures that attest to my exhibitionist nature. And if I mix talk of Saddam and no-smoking laws with talk of the cunnilingus fairy and blowjobs, does that lessen any credibility I have the more intelligent and thoughtful of you or does it even matter?

Does sex and politics even mix? I mean, I'm sure for someone like Nancy Pelosi sex is politics in that whip you into submission sort of way. But does it work for me? Is it working for you? Would anyone like a cigarette?

Juan, did you get my tequila and tampons?


I'm working on it. I'm working on it.

I think they do mix, and you mix them well. I don't exactly get excited about the boobies, but I'm also not offended or bothered by the boobies. I have boobies - what's not to love?

And hell no, the boobies do not lessen your credibility. Your writing speaks for itself.

I never realized how fun it was to type the word "boobies."

I'm not much of a poli-blogger, so I'd have to say it's your non-warblog stuff that keeps me interested (not that I mind the rest, it's just not my bag, baby).

Having said that, I don't put your boobies (there's that word again) into either of the two categories... that's merely sweet, sweet icing on the cake.

Or something. I need to be alone now.

I don't know why you can't have both. Breasts make men stupid, not women.

Michele, whatever you're doing seems to be working fine -- and your linkage isn't suffering, unlike some other nameless bloggers cough*Dawn*cough who complain they can't be taken seriously by the men because of their exhibitionist posts...

Damn. Now I've probably restarted the whole catfight, haven't I... ;)

I think it would be a loss to Blogdom if you started censoring yourself or fretting about whether you can have both sex and politics and make it work. I enjoy this blog because you aren't afraid to mix it all up--tits and outrage, wicked humor and astute social commentary all in one package is a pretty awe-inspiring combination and you do it exceptionally well.

And yeah, I want a cigarette. I had a real dog-grinder of a week.

lighting a cigarette and collapsing
You just may be the perfect woman.
Anyone ever tell you that in the last five minutes?

I think you should do whatever strikes your fancy. It's not our blog, it's yours and if it isn't what you want it to be, why bother?

As for the boobies (Hey, Rachel, you're right, it is fun to type!) I can't say I go look at 'em, but the fact that they're here certainly does add a unique flavour to your blog. I think you're a one of a kind original :)

You already have a picture of my boobies. :)

That's in my private stash, Kymberlie.

We already did the boobies and you had to take 'em down, remember?

Michele, listen to Michael: "Breasts make men stupid, not women" And, listen to Rachel: "And hell no, the boobies do not lessen your credibility. Your writing speaks for itself."

But, most importantly, listen to yourself!

Send me the boobie pics if you're gonna be taking them, though.

i think you're the perfect mix of brains and boobies actually. (hey, that is fun to type) but i'd bet a lot of people are fascinated by your transformation, too. you're very introspective without being introverted or distant in any way. which is neither brains nor boobies. isss da soul, babee. very cool.

But... but... but... How can you be the "Tits of War" if you don't have both? :)

Seriously, I like the site the way it is. Good discussion, good thinking, and funny too.

And I'm going to have to agree that boobies is fun to type.

Hey, if you wanna post boobies, post 'em! The guys won't mind, most of the chicks won't either (you're right Rachael)...

Just have fun. It's all you. :)

Hmm... you could always do your boobies up in camo paint. Maybe even diagram the mideast situation on them. Maybe you can become the BoobiePundit.

Every time I see people discussing the boobies/brains issue, I have the same thought: Hedy Lamarr. Gawd, what a WOMAN!

Boobies and brains are incredibly sexy.

Keep both and keep it varied. If you drop either you risk losing parts of your audience. If someone doesn't like a post they can scroll on past it to something they do like. Post often and you'll have a lot of posts to garner people's attention.

If I'm at InstaPundit there's a lot that might make me yawn -- I'm tired of day 1,381 of Bellesiles watch and will likely scroll past a Bellesiles related post. If I see him linking to a new blogger with an interesting excerpt from their site, I'll probably click through.

Some sites, like Bill Quick's, I know what I'm going to see; I go there for war coverage and detailed descriptions of the inanities of my own party.

Your site I kinda group more as a personal blog that delves into news and war coverage but might just as easily talk about drinking or your job. In fact when I click on my blog roll because I see you have updated your site I don't know what to expect. I guess I like the surprise. That's what keeps me coming here at any rate.

Yep, writing "bסּסּbies" is fun!