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Attention: This is the last call for boobies! Wet boobies, dry boobies, boobies covered in ice cream. Don't delay, hurry now, operators are standing by. Give til it hurts and when you're done giving, grab a box of tissues or a tube sock and make it stop hurting.

Mine are on this page. They don't call me the tits of war for nothing.

*proceeds are going to a breast cancer charity, please see the site for more information*


They may stop calling for boobies, but I won't. I can never get enough boobies. Never!

Is that boobs or my eyes?

Enough about your titties, who won the freaking song contest?
Tell us or I put a hex on the Packers. And my hexes always work. Just ask Mondale.

Can I add mine when I get back - using your camera - with your hands gently covering them in some sort of erotic nipple play? OK, been packing for 4 hours - had some tequila - feeling like I'm in Mexico already!

Bon, have a great time! I'll miss you and your boobies and our cunnilingus fairy emails.

I'll bring my camera to work the day you come back.

I think we'll have to have someone take the picture for us, though. When did Mr. Pro Pain say he would be back in our building?

I am going to miss you too - and the cunnilingus fairy!!! I talked to Pro Pain yesterday and he said that he would be back in a week and then be staying for a month. I am sure he wouldn't mind taking a picture of the cunnilingus fairy - I mean of us making out - ooops, I mean of boobies.

My hair looks really cute!!!