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going underground

going underground

You think these may have something to do with my sense of fear?

FBI warns of spectacular attack
FBI: Threats to hospitals in four cities
U.S. braces for exection reprisals
Eurpopeans warn of terror attacks
U.S., Iraq may be nearing showdown
New York City headed for fiscal disaster not seen since the days of Abe Beame*

*OK, I made that headline up.


Yeah, see , I'm torn... sure, I should be a-feered due to the attacks, but they're so vague...
Makes me think of that "personalized terror warning" you posted about a while ago.
Either way, I'm glad I tell my family and the boyfriend that I love them on a consistant basis.

World braces itself for another glimpse of Michael jackson's face.

Thankfully (as Peggy Noonan points out today) Mayor Bloomberg is on the case.

Gakk - Abe Beame?? My heart stopped when I saw that - the end of the world as we know it. Thank goodness you made that one up (it was a joke, wasn't it?)

I've another one for your list, m'dear....

J.Lo./Ben Affleck engaged

Be afraid, America; be very afraid.

****NEWS FLASH****
FBI warns of Fabulous Attack

E! decides to run with Liza and David Show.

These vague warnings are killing me. Living through the first attack was bad, and I am still living with the emotional after-effects. I know I'm really lucky I wasn't killed that day. I know that many people I knew and worked with weren't so lucky, and the emotional residue of that lingers.

I do know something is going to happen again. Trying to stay sane in the midst of all that is hard enough. The regular vague warnings are making it harder. I fucking hate the media.

Fear can be managed. Take up skydiving, and two things will happen: you'll learn to work with fear, and you'll discover that you can't be afraid of terrorists (or worried about work, either) while you're in freefall.

Word. It just costs more than Paxil, is all...

Skydiving rules. You meet the most interesting guys (I met my husband skydiving - umm..but he broke his leg..)

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