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dream a little dream

dream a little dream

I woke up frightened and I'm sure it had something to do with my dreams. It was another of my post-apocolyptic dreams and Saddam was there and bin Laden was there an you were there!

So there I was, in the dark at 4am thinking about terrorism and war and and that war being played out on our soil, at least in part. I was thinking that some day one of those chilling terror warnings Ashcroft is so fond of is going to come true. I was feeling helpless. I went back to sleep and had some more dreams.

I can't gather my thoughts quite yet - I find it hard to shake off thos recurring nightmares that plague me. I need a shower and some strong coffee and a little time to gather my thoughts on why I am feeling paranoid. And then there's that whole state of education in America thing I want to get to, which leads me to feeling paranoid about the future.

For now, I want to ask you about your recurring dreams. Part of my dream last night was the one where my teeth start falling out. That happens a lot. The other recurring dreams I have are the typical school dreams (can't find locker/class/schedule) or the one where I have to go to the bathroom but I'm out in a public place and none of the bathroom stalls have doors. And since I was about five, I've been having the same dream about a plane crashing on my street. I am thankful for my lucid dreaming skills; I can usually manage to get out of the dream when it becomes too much or at least change the pattern of recurring dreams from time to time.

Do you have recurring dreams? Are they always the same? Do you ever have dreams that you just can't seem to shake off?

I'll get back to the blood thirsty rants on the state of the world in a bit. Humor me here.


I teach so the recurring dream I have is that I am in front of a classroom (I never recognize the kids) and no matter HOW much I yell, scream, throw things, hit them (hey,,its a DREAM),,or pound on my desk, they keep talking back to me and not paying an ounce of attention. Even though in real life I usually have no problems.

My financial life is out of control right now. I'm sure this lack of control is symbolized by that dream.

I don't have a recurring subject in a dream, but I do have a recurring type of dream: I dream I am already awake. What usually happens is I wake up as HyperWife does, and she gets out of bed. I drift back to sleep, but my mind continues going about in the way I would, if I got out of bed. I am always surprises when she wakes me up again, 20 minutes later, because it feels exactly like I am awake.

I know this isn't an unsual sort of dream, but it's the frequency with which I have it that's odd to me. That, and the fact that a couple of weekends ago, we were reading the paper in bed, both fell asleep, and both dreamt that we were awake and doing things around the house.

I have a recurring nightmare that started the week before Thanksgiving in 1976. We had just finished watching all the specials on tv, Cahrlie Brown Thanksgiving etc. All those commercials that were on then during the shows that they dont show anymore but if you have seen them, you'll know what I'm talking about.
I am trapped in a box with wooden slats, there is small light coming through the slats. A figure is coming towards me and just as it gets to the door of the box and ready to open it and kill me or whatever it wants to do, the Stya puff marshmallow man, Mr. Salty ( the pretzel guy) and the original Michelin tire guy, come and break me out of the box. I wake up with swollen hands.
I have now had this dream for 20 some odd years and have swollen hands every time I wake up. I don't have it all the time, months will go by and nothing and then bam! There it is, terrifying me like I was 6 years old again and making me cry and swell.
Analyze that.

This may sound a little odd... for about a week now, I have been seriously considering starting my own blog (I've been unseriously considering one for over a year).

During that week, I have had several nightmares about people that I know coming to visit and taking over my house/my life/my opinions, trampling on everything, claiming ownership everywhere and refusing to tell me anything that they're up to... yesterday I woke up from one of these in a serious panic, unable to breathe.

I'm thinking the two are related, and I've given up on my blog-starting idea for the present. Last night, I slept soundly, so hopefully this works...

"and Saddam was there and bin Laden was there an you were there! "

This conjured, unbidden, an image of Saddam as the Cowardly Lion, bin Laden as the Scarecrow, and Michele as Dorothy, albeit a Dorothy with cleavage.

Anyone wanna photoshot that one?

you know better than to get ME started on dreams...

Pretty good day

Loudon Wainwright


I slept through the night
I got through to the dawn
I flipped a switch and the light went on
I got out of bed
and I put some clothes on

It was a pretty good day so far

I turned the tap
there was cold, there was hot
I put on a coat to go to the shop
I stepped outside
and I didn't get shot

It was a pretty good day so far

I didn't hear any sirens or explosions
No mortars coming in from those heavy guns
No UN tanks
I didn't see one

It was a pretty good day so far

No snipers in windows
taking a peek
No people paniced, running scared through the streets
I didn't see any bodies
without arms, legs or feet

It was a pretty good day..

There was plasma, bandages and electricity
food, wood and water
and the air was smoke free
no camera crews
from I-TV

It was all such a strange sight to behold
nobody was frightened, wounded, hungry or cold
and the children seemed normal,
they didnt look old

It was a pretty good day so far

I walked through a park, you would not believe it:
there in the park there were a few trees left
and on some branches
there were a few leaves

I slept thruough the night
I got through to the dawn
I flipped a switch
and the light went on
I wrote down my dream
and I made it this song

It was a pretty good day so far

I have that weird teeth-falling-out dream too...like I catch a glimpse of myself in a mirror, and I have only wisps of hair...and everything is gray and tattered and ash-covered. I hate that dream.

I have the same "teeth falling out" thing too - except I am usually crunching on them or they are chipping out and breaking apart in my mouth - I have heard that it means you are stressed about something and probably grinding your teeth in your sleep. I have this dream/feeling a few times a month and I can't stand it!

I have recurring dreams, yes, but I also have serialized dreams, which I don't know of anyone else having. I'll have a reasonably (for a dream) coherent narrarative dream which ends when I wake up, and then some time later will have another dream which picks up where the last one left off. The self in my dream (which isn't always me) will remember things that happened in the previous dream, characters reappear, places are still there, etc. They're always in color, and some even have soundtracks. And people wonder why my website is so weird...

Just to stay in character, I also have a shameless plug. I based this one off a nightmare I had the night before:

The Thing in the Closet

An excerpt:

We've all seen or heard them at one point or another, I'm convinced of it. You open your eyes at night and see a shadow move across the doorway, you hear footsteps walking around your bed but can't wake up enough to do anything about it, or something pulls away just as you round the corner of your stairwell. In each case, of course, there's nothing there when you actually focus, or wake up, or walk a little faster into the room. Just nerves. That's what I thought, anyway.

I just happened to be wrong.

I don't write fiction often, so opinions always welcome!

I have recurring subjects and recurring locations. I have also dreamed about falling and have NOT awakened when I hit the ground. It's pretty neat.
My usual theme for nightmares involves trying to get rid of people who won't leave my house. I wake up either
a) when they are chasing me and I am cornered and can't escape or
b) when I retaliate and things start getting ugly (hatchets and explosives).

Ever since 9/11, I have dreams that (in various situations) I'll be trying to use my cell phone, and it doesn't work. Either I keep dialing incorrectly, getting clumsier and more stupid as the dream progresses, or the cell phone itself fails. I think this is related to the widespread failure of the phone networks on 9/11.

I don't know how much stock people put in dream interpretations, but I seem to remember once that "teeth falling out" is linked to "a feeling of a loss of control" in dreamspeak.

It'd make sense, given the context.

I have had very few reoccurring dreams. When I dream now, it is usually fairly to fully lucid. (which can be a lot of fun!)

However, up until I was about 18 (and moved out on my own), I would have these dreams where I would literally battle my Step-Father in these crazy, Ben-Hur style epics. They were always different. I would always be faster, smarter, and far more vicious. I would do things to him that no human could possibly survive. I remember one where I gouged my thumbs into his eye sockets, and yet, no matter how far they went into his head, no matter how many swords, poles, pipes, bits of furniture, I drove through his body- He would not die. I just could not kill him. I was always furious; both in the dream, and when i woke up.
The last time I had it, I think, I realized that i could not kill him, and instead, resorted to reducing him to the smallest, most insignificant matter I could muster; and then owning it. (Literally- I mastered it) I have not had one of these dreams since.
I guess I had some dream-resolution finally.

I don't really have any recurring dreams except about things that have happened, and those don't count. I did have a weird dream last night. I dreamed I found out my ex-girlfriend had made a porn movie, and I blackmailed her with it.

I don't think it symbolizes anything except that I'm a real prick sometimes.

I have recurring dreams about tornados or that I'm running away from something. I've also had a few where I've been held hostage in my own house, usually by someone famous and male (like Sean Connery). I actually wrote an entry about one of my recurring dreams last month (here it is) and Todd of Demented and Sad wrote a similar entry about recurring dreams (here it is). You may want to check both out. There is a good link in the comments to a site that explains all sorts of common themes in recurring dreams.

When I was about eight, my grandmother got me a birthday present, a Chatty Kathy doll. It was about as tall as me, made of hard plastic, with a big white grimace smile and stiff yellow hair. Grandma pulled a string on the back of her neck and Kathy hissed ďIím Kathy, Iím your friendĒ

(I think that the creator of Mars Attacks! may have had a Chatty Kathy doll)

I was terrified of Kathy, and I stuffed her under my bed, where she got dusty and grey. I didnít have the heart to throw her out, because it would hurt grandmaís feelings, but for a year I had nightmares that Kathyís hard grey arms would slice through my mattress. Sheíd strangle me in her death grip, hissing ďIím Cathy, Iím your friend.Ē

Even after I got rid of Cathy, I had those nightmares. They didnít go away until I put my bed directly on the floor, with no space underneath.

Ugh, I hate dental nightmares.

Here, go think about naked ladies.

I was about 14 when I had my first "teeth falling out dream." My mother, who was a counselor and a dream interpreter, insisted the teeth represented the clitoris. I was a bit shocked and embarrassed, at that age, to be told this by my mother, but she will insist to her death bed that it's true. This from a woman who now, at age 78, had to explain to me what a glory hole is!

I was about 14 when I had my first "teeth falling out" dream. My mother, who was a counselor and a dream interpreter, told me the teeth symbolized the clitoris. I was pretty shocked and embarrassed, at that age, to be told this by my mother, but she insists even now that it's true. This from a woman who now, at age 78, had to explain to me what a glory hole is!

Scott, I've had serialized dreams as well. It's a little bizarre sometimes.

Lately, I've been dreaming over and over again that I'm helping Hannibal Lecter escape from the people trying to capture him in return for a reward. Wonder what a shrink would find in that....

My dream, my nightmare is that an Orwellian fundamentalist far right clan of nefarious Mason's usurp complete control of the United States of America, and mesmerize the peoples hearts and minds with a relentless char vari of imperialist, nationalist, elitist, patriotic propaganda, stip away the peoples freedoms, rights, and protections, glorify and prosecute war where ever and when ever possible, and funnel huge obscene fortunes into a few select off sheet bank accounts. Oh, sorry that's reality.

My other nightmare is that a fying reptile chases me through Central Park screaching repent! repent! repent!

Tony, how nice of you to make your way over here from Daily Pundit. Welcome, and be forewarned that my readers are not nearly as chivalrous as Bill's.

My nightmare is that Tony Foresta followed Michele to her blog from Bill Quick's, and he's going on and on and on like that Monty Python bit about the Travel Agent, and Watney's Red Barrel...

Oh wait, that's real.

Real dreams: yep, I have had serial dreams, too -- once I even had an announcer reminding me about the next episode. I don't watch TV anymore, and serial dreams are very infrequent...

The dreams that bother me are the ones where I am doing something (usually related to a particularly difficult work task), and I'm doing it wrong... so I re-do it -- wrong again, so I re-do it... This goes on all night, and sometimes I can't tell if I'm asleep or awake until morning comes and I wake up for real, to realize that the dream simply didn't make any sense. But then, the sleep wasn't restful either...

That part where there aren't any doors on the stalls?

That means you're in the guy's room. For some reason they don't like to give us doors.

Go out the door, go into the bathroom with the couch, TV, and Lazy Boys.


i have dreamt of plane crashes all my life, i think. sometimes i'm in them, sometimes i am just near one. my most vivid plane crash dream was the one where i am saving people from a plane that crashed on my street. i was probably not even a teenager the first time i had that dream. and i am not afraid to fly.
the dreams i hate the most are the driving over the edge of a mountain road dreams. ugh. i HATE mountain driving. as far as i'm concerned you're 5 seconds from DEATH any time you drive mountainous roads with a CLIFF on one side... i haven't had one lately but i've had it SO many times that i will tell myself, IN the dream, that "it's okay, it's just that dream again" or "oh god. this is REAL. it's not a dream this time!" i really hate those dreams...