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So there's this 80's metal song - most likely a hair metal band - and the chorus goes "Just tell me what you waaaaaaaaant" and it's driving me crazy because I can't think of the band.

The dorkass guy in the comic book store was playing an acoustic live version of it and I really wanted to make fun of him.


*update* Question answered, thanks to the help of a former Long Islander, who recognized the lyrics from Long Island's oldest hair metal band, Zebra. Aahh, the memories.


The band is Zebra. Happy to help -- growing up on Long Island wasn't for nothing, apparently...

How the hell could I forget Zebra? I only saw them about 100 times back in the day, mostly at Speaks.

Thank you, Jon!

No sweat. I'll probably never get it out of my head now, though...

Just want to add that Zebra is originally from New Orleans, my home town. I remember seeing them when I was a teenager, and they were the loudest band I have ever seen. At some point, they made a home in New York and traveled back and forth between the two cities ...

Duuuude. It's Zebra.

"Live at Hammerhead's..."


Believe it or not I just saw them in October at The Downtown in Farmingdale. They actually sounded REALLY good for old guys. heheh. I love that band!