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tits of war

You may now refer to me by my new title, Tits of War, also know as the evil, bloodthirsty, breast having, warblogging trollop .

The hell with the PTA and their offer of making the Environmental Committee Chairperson. They wouldn't appreciate a good cleavage shot if the nipples were pointed right at them.

I've had a lot of coffee today.

And where the hell are all my commenters today? Did I say you could have a day off?

And my Sullivan Number is 2.

You would be surprised at how much real work I got done today in between all this nonsense.


"Evil, bloodthirsty, breast having, warblogging trollop"

Okay, I admit I'm new here. But why would people comment, when you're getting nothing but incredibly flattering compliments left and right?

We need some terrorist dork or european milquetoast to sink our teeth into. Maybe we can smuggle a few thousand of those OICW's into the hands of certain brass-balled Iranian students. =)

I'll give you some sugar, baby! Glad to see you back. I must protest that you stopped by and laid claim to Bill and didn't even respond to my Mapplethorpe comment. Woman!

Woo, that gives me a Sullivan of 3! I've hit the big time (along with 1000 other people)...

I probably have a Sullivan number of 53 or something :)

Does that count as a comment? I really do try and follow instruction once in a while!

Sorry, called in sick to work...forgot to call in sick to commenting


Let me get liquored and I'll comment the hell out of this place. Well, at least one or two.

My excuse is that I was at work all day. I did comment (re: the gun thang) while I was there, but it got posted twice because I-have-no-idea-so-I-will-blame-it-on-Windows NT.
And before anyone jumps all over me for pissing around on the Internet whilst I'm at work: I am an academic and so it's ALL RESEARCH.

I read that and all I could think of was Denis Leary:

"That's how we can end war; get the Goodyear blimp, paint it up like a big tit, put a nipple on it...Fly it around the Middle East during the confrontation...And watch them all go, "LOOK AT THE TIT...THE TIIIIIIIT!!!! OH MY...."

Ah well, it was amusing to me...

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