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I'd like to say something on the subject of commenting for the sake of self-linking: I encourage it. If you have posted something on the same subject I have, please (if you don't have trackback capabilities) by all means leave a comment with a link. Yes, even if your view opposes mine. I'm not an ogre, really.

I was going to add Michael Jackson to my list of subject to tackle today, but Laurence saved me the trouble. Head over there and give him a caption.


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I saw that picture of MJ late last night, and typed up a quick entry for it. But I couldn't bring myself to post it. It was too scary.

It gave me nightmares about my nose falling off.

I had nightmares about him eating my children. Towards the end he turned into Saddam. I kid you not.

I swear I thought that was a picture of a pekingese... How frightening.

You might not be an ogre---but WE are

'Course, it's not a blog

But come on over, scrawl on the wall