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Notes to self

Notes to self

Issues to follow up on today while procrastinating about the huge pile of work on my desk:

Follow-up on Tora! Tora! Tora! story.


Pre-school kids protesting war

The ridiculousness that early childhood parenting has become (for Raising Hell)

How much I hate the self-esteem movement in schools.

Leave more comments on Kathy's blog so she gets rid of the ugly, putrid pink.

Take this firearm test so I can further my agenda for being one scary bitch.

Add Nikita to my blogroll.(which I can't do at work because my browser will not accept URLs with underscores)

Pick out a sultry, sexy birthday present for a sultry, sexy lady.

Justin's theory that bin Laden has been in the U.S. since pre-9/11, holed up in a hotel room in San Fransisco, decorated to look like a cave.

That should take up most of my day. Feel free to ignore this post, unless you have something you think I should be doing that is not on the list.


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Naked pics for Joe, maybe? I'm dialoging w/ Kitty Bukkake these days, you know.

War jingle contest?

I WANNA WIN!!! Oops, did I say that out loud?


Busy day. Hey - check this Times article out - will litteraly make you sick!


Jason, that falls under the Poindexter thing.

How about a new Foreign Exchange Program, or should I say Idiotarian Emigration Plan? We "encourage" various Famous American Celebrity Idiotarians to trade places with deserving civilians from selected international cesspits (Iraq, Sudan, Liberia, Zimbabwe, Libya).
My candidates for the initial exchange:
Susan Sontag
Noam Chomsky
Susan Sarandon
Woody Harrelson
Alec Baldwin
Barbra Streisand
Gore Vidal

I could think of a few things....

Geez Bon, you've been at your desk five minutes and already you want in my pants.

Do Poindexter first please...very interested in your thoughts on Saffire's piece.

I want up your shirt first - then the pants!

I see that now...that'll teach me to pay more attention!

Get in line, Bon. Grrr...

I just had to blog about that preschooler protest, that was so surreal. Kids who can't even spell their own name but just KNOW the war is all about oil and that Bush is a mean old bully...

Can you say "indoctrination?"

My favorite commentary on "Self esteem in schools" is a Mallard Fillmore cartoon, which shows a wall with happy paintings on it, and the caption is "Today a bunch of young children painted a 'culture' wall, which increased their self-esteem..... instead of learning to read."

the "add Nikita" item should be moved to the top of the list! thanks for thinking of me. i now hit your blog every day. it's quirky - but good. that's how i like 'em. best wishes.

-nikita demosthenes


Michele's a card-carrying, Idiotarian-molesting, no-holds-barred, ass-kicking, bona fide, rude, obnoxious PSYCHO BLOGGER and I LOVE that in a woman!

She's also, much to my consternation, more bloody-hungry and hawkish than I... [pout]