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Ok, which one of you

Ok, which one of you hid my tv remote?


runs and hides.

It's in the couch cushions. Sorry.

You have a TV? Be right over...

Can you imagine what it was like back in the day when tv sets did not have remote controls? Or when they were attached to the tv with a wire? Scary times.

Check down the side of the recliner...it always hides there.

oops, sorry, i mistook it for a hershey bar when i was tipsy :)

Did you leave it in the freezer next to the ice cubes? Again.

I remember the old days when, as youngest child, I was the damn remote.

I remember those days too. My Dad would scream at me (when I was on the other side of the house) and when I got there, he'd say "change the channel."

Okay, how many of you were not only "the remote" but also responsible for holding the rabbit ears in JUST the right position??

That was me too! Eventually I got in the habit of just pretending to move the volume knob. My dad would have my fine tune (faking all the time) until he was happy. I say that is what made me the bitter man I am today.

Give me a call. I'll drive in from the Poconos every time you need the channel changed.

Um, it's in my cage. By the way (and I hope this isn't too late), I'm sorry for all the hatemail. I'll stop. Oh, one last question: do you have any suggestions for a new hobby?



I think it must have hooked up with our missing TiVo remote and returned to the wild.

I was on the phone once, remote control in hand and the following happened: Hung up the remote control and tried to switch the television channel with the cordless phone. Then spent five minutes wondering why the remote wasn't working.

Tracy: I remember the time when I WAS the rabbit ears!

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