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i lost a day somewhere

i lost a day somewhere

I've been out most of the day. I didn't watch any news or read any blogs or check out any headlines. I listened to about two minutes of Hannity on the car radio before they launched into a seven hour commercial break and I switched to music.

I don't know what pisses me off more - whiny leftists or shitty rock radio.

So here I am, 8:00 at night and woefully behind the times on Saddam and bin Laden and smallpox. I missed that brush with a presidential threat entirely.

However, I did get to see Natalie's teachers and it wasn't at all horrible and it wasn't at all rave reviews, but when you have a child that has been in and out of special ed most of her school career, you take that in between and you learn to love it and be proud of it.

Now, about that other petulant child.

This is the time when the news outlets that are so fond of quotation marks/scare quotes when talking about "terrorism" and "terrorists" should be putting those grammatical tools to good use.

For instance, this paragraph:

In New York, Iraq's ambassador to the United Nations, Mohammad Al-Douri, delivered a letter of acceptance to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, telling reporters that it said, "Iraq will not have any mass destruction weapons. So we are not worried about the inspectors when they will be back in the country. Iraq is clean."

Should have read like this:

In New York, Iraq's ambassador to the United Nations, Mohammad Al-Douri, delivered a letter of "acceptance" to U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, telling reporters that it said, "Iraq will not have any "mass destruction weapons". So we are not worried about the inspectors when they will be back in the country. Iraq is 'clean.'"

Now, let's look at this letter.

Assalamu Alaykum

Isn't that what Mike Tyson said before he threatened to eat his opponent's children?

You may recall the huge clamor fabricated by the President of the United States administration, in the biggest and most wicked slander against Iraq, supported in malicious intent, and spearheaded in word and malevolence, by his lackey Tony Blair, when they disseminated the claim that Iraq had perhaps produced, or was on its way to produce, nuclear weapons, during the time when the United Nations inspectors had been absent from Iraq since 1998.

My goodness! Is that any way to speak to someone who is trying to give you a chance to redeem yourself?

Translation: Liar, Liar, pants on fire!

Then they returned to stress that Iraq had, in fact produced chemical and biological weapons. They both know, as well as we do, and so can other countries, that such fabrications are baseless.

Once again, Liar, Liar pants on fire!

But does the knowledge of the truth constitute elements for interaction in the politics of our day, which has witnessed the unleashing of the American administration's evil to its fullest extent, dashing all hope in any good? Indeed, is there any good to be goped for, or expected, from the American administrations, now that they have been transformed by their own greed, by Zionism as well as by other known factors, in the tyrant of the age.

Translation: It's America's fault. And Israel's fault. Classic passive aggressiveness.

He must have been hanging out with Woody and Sarandon recently. I think that last line is code for it's all about the ooooooiiiiiillllllllllllllllll.

Ok, let's move down to the last part because I'm really tired and I'm sure quite a few bloggers have covered this terroritory today.

Please assume your responsibilities, by saying and advising the unfair people that their unfairness to Muslims, faithful Arabs, and to all, will be of dire consequences, and that God, the almighty, is capable of doing everything. Tell them that the proud Iraqi people are faithful and Mujahid and who had fought the old colonialism, imperialism and aggression, including the tyrant's aggression, for years and years. The price this courageous people paid to safeguard their independence, dignity, sublime principles was rivers of blood, with a lot of deprivation and loss of their riches, along with their eternal achievements and record of which they are proud. Therefore we hope you will, Mr. Secretary General, advise the ignorants not to push things to the precipice, in the implementation, because the people of Iraq will not choose to live at the price of their dignity, country, freedom or sanctities, and they would rather make their lives the price if that was the only way to safeguard what they must safeguard.

Translation: If you attack us, you'll make the baby Jesus cry.

Yea, I know. I should have stuck to talking about boobies or coffee or something that did not require brain power.

I was going to tackle the story about the Bishops coming out against the war, but Ken Layne had the first and last words on this subject:

AP headline: "U.S. Roman Catholic Bishops Agree to Draft That Will Likely Oppose Invading Iraq for Now."

How about a draft that will likely oppose invading young boys' asses?

Why do I even bother?

By the way, I still maintain that despite Saddam's maniacal rantings and subterfuge disguised as acceptance, his resplendent presidential palaces will be nothing but ash and rubble come December.


?? That translation of the letter was very good. Well worth said brain power.

Yep. Though I'll give it till next April for the palaces. Unless some one of the inspectors asks to interview an Iraqi (and the family of the Iraqi) outside of Iraq and without Iraqi observers. That's the breaking point. We're dealing with a control freak here, and having to let anyone out of his control will make him snap.

I really hope that Saddam, The Bastard, really means it---it would be nice if we could get through this little situation without a war.

But I'm not holding my breath. peace is preferable, but if we can't have peace, we will kick the shit out of him.

I do not know if attacking Iraq will "make the baby Jesus cry", but eliminating Saddam's WMD will make American babies much safer.