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Busy, busy day. Middle school parent/teacher conferences suck the life out of you - in shifts. I've done one shift and now I'm headed back for another round of "your daughter is so bright but...."

A couple of comments and I'll be back later with a new barrage of idiots to attack.

1. Nick and Raven: I have changed my locks and hired a bodyguard. But I'll give him the day off if you want to meet for Krispy Kreme and coffee one afternoon. Ok, maybe tequila and fajitas one night.

2. Taco got it right as to why I added in those IMDB summaries: look at the parallels.

3. I'll deal with the assclown from Australia later.

4. Carnival of the Vanities #8 is up. I forgot to send something in, but obviously they don't need me. It gets better every week, and so far this is the best issue yet.

Ok, time to deal with the English teacher who thinks standardized tests determine a child's entire future life.


Don't they know that you are the High Priestess blood thirsty warblogger of doom today? All hail Misstress MicheLe!

I just hope she does not make us listen to her sing like Solonor did Monday.

Your Loyal Minion,

Well DUH. Didn't you know that one standardized test can fully measure all of your child's abilities in life?

Hey, don't knock standardized tests! If it wasn't for those things, I wouldna got in college. I squeaked out of HS with, ah geeze can't remember for sure now, but it was something like a 2.8[and change]. Fortunately I scored so high on the ACT (southern SAT variant) I got scholarships and recruitments from all over the place.

Of course, then I squeaked out of college with a 2.68, but hey, I graduated!

Alright, I'll bring the donuts and coffee ;)

I shall offer competitive rates for all bodyguard positions. : p

Hey, wait, you ain't taking about this Nick, are you?

Don't let that teacher claim that standardized tests are everything. If she tries to make too much out of your daughter's performance, ask her if she can explain test validity and test reliability to you. Oftentimes good tests will be used in bad ways by those who have no idea how to interpret the results.

Standardized tests can be used for good or evil. And you can tell that teacher that an actual psychometrician told you so. =)

Hey Michele...

Wouldn't the parents die if they knew what you said in your spare time? :-)

No crap. I have a kid that tests extremely bright/well above average on IQ testing and psychological testing, but she's got a learning disability that affects her reading ability. So, despite her smarts, she sucks at taking tests which, duh, require her to read a lot. We hate them. But, around here, they do 'em twice a year, once in the fall, and once in the spring. Fun Fun.

Kindergarten parent-teacher conferences ain't so piddlin' either.

Don't you just love assessments?