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It's been a rather exhausting and aggravating day and I'm about to make it end by hitting the pillow. I was only able to return about three emails before my eyes started rolling in back of my head. I'm getting to all of you, really.

What I wanted to say is please do me a favor and go over to Arthur's place and read this post. Arthur is a personal hero of mine, for many reasons. Go. Read.

And if it's any consolation, the cigarette tasted like shit and did nothing for me. I think I'll stick to tequila.


Tell me what font he uses so I can find it download it install it then read his blog.

Still reading, Michele -- thought I'd brighten your day with a comic you're sure to love. >:)

You don't have Georgia or a serif font installed? Weird.

A "personal hero"?? Ah, sheesh, Michele. Just an aging opera queen. But aging very, very well, thank you. I'm all embarrassed. Thanks, sweetheart. Get a good night's sleep.

Sometimes you gotta let the eyes roll, get that second wind and the kick it into neutral. after that its coasting time!! And I havent read Lenore comics yet, but I absolutely love the Edgar allan poe poem. I havent seen it around anywhere, you know where i could find it?

Here ya go Bats.


Yes, I checked his source and he uses those fonts, but for some reason I am unable to read his page. Must be my own IE thing.

Tequila tastes like shit without a cigarette.

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