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bad day at blog rock

bad day at blog rock

You've all made the baby Jesus cry.

More importantly, you made me smoke.

Bad bloggers. Bad, bad bloggers.


Ok, it really wasn't you guys that made me smoke. It was the little shit in the supermarket that tripped me and the cashier who moved slower than David Wells running out to the mound.

But it was you that made baby Jesus cry. Say you're sorry.


I consider myself blessed that I have no idea what you're talking about. But man oh man, if I read one more blog entry about how high school everyone is, I'm gonna... I'm gonna... I'm gonna ignore the phuck out of 'em. ;D

Now put down that cigarrette, and note it in your cheating journal. You're keeping a cheating journal, right? :-*

Umm yes m'am.

Wait...you just mean cheating with cigarettes, right?

Michele, bring the booze over....I need to unwind. I'll light the cigs and stuff in your mouth if ya want so you can say I made you do it

ummmmm, cancer. sucks down a menthol light


no judgements, babe. but a thought: you could allow yourself one (or two, or three) cheats, and get right back on the bandwagon. because if you didn't cheat once in a while, you wouldn't remember why you wanted to quit in the first place. right?

Ok, that's it. If I have to sacrifice my body for the sake of you not smoking, I'll do it.

C'mon....ravage me. Do it. Then we can smoke afterwards.

Quitters never win.

you will be fine. i get so pissed at how juvenile everyone is. i really feel like if i dont like what i'm reading, move on. it is so simple to just click away from what is pssing you of ya know? keep up the good work, i have a firm belief that you will fine.

Quitting smoking is one of the hardest things you may ever do... I haven't had kids so that may be harder, but you can trust me with the smoking thing. It is OK to slip up, just don't give up. Go right back to quitting, start the count at zero. In time when you cheat it wil make you sick, and will never go back.

Does this mean we can meet in the jury room again after lunch? How about our meetings in Millers chambers? Just checking. I told you not to go grocery shopping after work - the kids are fine eating left over halloween candy for a few more days.

Bon, Jim left a comment on another post today.

Obviously you have no self control.

Put a straw in your mouth and try breathing with it. Yes, that's how it feels to breathe with emphisema.

That may be you in the future, if you don't get serious.

Smoking sucks.

Yep... a slow check-out lane is what caused me to start back... That and a couple cases of beer on a baaad fryday nite. Hang tough

Geezus phuck, duh smoking sucks. Duh squared. What the hell do you think her point is, in mentioning it?

Yeah, a ciggie cheating journal. As bran said, it's ok to cheat. You are totally GOING to cheat. It's allowed. Just don't make it... a... habit.

My trick: keep a journal of your cheats.
It may REALLY help to keep a nutrition journal, and notice what you ate an hour before you cheated. Betcha $5 it was chocolate. If you're like me. Snickers > nicotine. Coffee> nicotine. Alchohol==>fuck yeah, nicotine. Write it down. Look at it later. Feel lame and predictable. See, later, how the numbers drop off and are separated by weeks. Quit.

You know, the guilt trip about making baby Jesus cry really doesn't work on me. According to my mother, my Wiccan ass makes him cry every day. So, I suck.

Where's the nachos and tequila?

Maybe you should keep a special journal about quitting, cheating, and everything in between.


From 'the role model'

I saw that - does he have a blog too?

Look upstairs. Need I say more?

i quit cold turkey on sept 1st, no cheats.... except i still smoke in my dreams... does that count?

know how you feel though... was so mad at work today that i had my coat on and was half way down stairs before i remembered that i don't smoke (anymore).... i stood inside and watched other people smoke... i also only smoked for 10 years, so maybe that makes it easier...