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all you need is...love?

all you need is....love?

I think there is a conspiracy afoot to keep me from enjoying my blood-thirsty award.

I have things to attend to and I won't be back until later tonight. If anyone else turns their blog into a love-fest with pink hearts and kittens and puppies, there will be hell to pay.

Oscar, try not to hog up all my bandwidth with your comments while I'm gone, ok?


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Oh, Dude. How can you NOT jump on the love train??? (I hear the cunnilingus fairy is the conductor...)

[snorfle] okay, that needed a health warning or something!

Too funny....

Speaking of "love" How is that fine specimine of a woman down the hall from you? Send her my best...

I do think you could use time with a cute puppy.

Or take care of Mattie for a day so I can ... I don't know ... make sweet love to Mikhail Baryshnikov. I've always wanted to do that.

Does someone need a hug???

Congrats on winning.....My hat is off to all the Bloghood. They chose the right (pun intended) person.
Twosaws....The anti-treehugger

Hugging trees is actually quite calming, but that's as far as I will go with a tree.
Unless it's a particularly attractive tree.....
I'm not even in your "idiot blogroll" am I? 8)

I was going to post earlier but had to go change my pants first. This is the scariest place on internet and now it's official. I'm not going to get through this post ... Excuse me, got to run again!

Speaking of "love" How is that fine specimine of a woman down the hall from you? Send her my best...

How long have you been lurking here, Jim? I swear, I don't do this on company time, really.

And you sure have been missing out on some action lately. If you stopped at DC once in a while, we might let you in on it.

i'm rather sad to see Juan channge back to his standard look. it was so precious clicking just to see that cute, cute puppy!

this is seriously reminding me of some hardcore WINGS songs...

Pro Pain - why don't you visit and ask her yourself? Miss you.

It is amazing how quickly the "cunnilingus fairy" was picked up! I think I heard someone talking about her on line at the bank today!

I have been banished from DC forever because of someone who will remain nameless. I now live a life of misery in SC playing that awful day over and over in my head until I am homicidal. Pimping out the fine specimen down the hall will be enough for me to forgive you forever and will probably save the lives of many innocent bystanders.

Iíve been lurking here and there. What kinda fun have I been missing? Have you taken it to the next level? I so much wanted to see that.

Well I should be there in 1 month. I will then remain for 3 months. Think of the fun. Tell the goddess down the hall she is in for it. Iíve been away to long............

What the hell? Am I the nameless person? You better be full of shit.

You missed the next level. Sorry. Looking so forward to your return, though. Until then, stay out of trouble and watch out for those people with no back files.

Waiting patiently...bringing it to the next level....again....