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Watching the left so you don't have to

Watching the left so you don't have to

Today's Tin Foil Hat Awards:

1. I think someone has been watching too much Pinky and The Brain.

It recently came to light that a political advertisement for George W. Bush subliminally flashed the word “RATS” when criticizing Al Gore’s prescription medicine plan.2 Bush and Republican ad-maker Alex Castellanos denied that the quickly flashed word was a subliminal message designed to surreptitiously sling mud at Gore. Many others, however, concluded that “RATS” was indeed inserted with the intention of secretly causing viewers’ to associate vermin with Al Gore.

I see this incident as just one more example of how we as individuals, and as a society, have become dangerously comfortable with the government’s encroachments into the autonomy of our thoughts and mental processes.

That's what the tin foil hat is for, honey. So they can't read your brain waves and control you all the way from the White House. Oh...can't you hear them now? They're telling you to flap your wings and act like a chicken!

2. From Democratic Underground:

in light of this election, is it safe to be registered on DU? I've often wondered if I should have registered here and thus identified myself as an active liberal. Are they going to round us up in the night and shoot us? Are we going to get anthrax letters? The point is, they could, and no one would care. The media would report our massacre as a terrorist attack and/or a shrewd Bush tactic to protect the country's freedom. So, should I protect myself by not doing anything which might identify me as part of the loyal opposition? Do we really believe that the right wouldn't kill us if they could? And when they realize they can, don't you think they will?

Yes, and then they are going to take your first born child and peform brain experimentation on it, but not before impregnating your mother with the seed of the aliens that are kept in the secret storeroom underneath the White House.

The new mantra of the far left: The sky is falling! The sky is falling!

Jackass of the Evening Award to the fucknozzle(c) who posted this gem at Democratic Underground:

God's giving it to us like we deserve...a country that votes in a war-hungry government is now getting it's just rewards. Take THAT Ohio...you too Alabama...here's some for you Tennessee.

If God was giving it to you like you deserve, a fierce wind would blow a huge chunk of plywood straight up your ass.

And today's inductee into the TinFoil Hat Hall of Fame:

Bill Moyers, congratulations!


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I'm sorry, but I was with you until the Moyers comment. His piece was a rant, to be sure, but it was a reasonable rant--without mention of a single space alien. And I don't see a single thing in there that is not the stated goal of the Republican party (or, for that matter, much different from your same rant against the far right of the other day).

Sol, I think everyone is being overly dramatic about this. It's the whole "The world is ending!" mantra that's been repeated over and over since Election Day.

I think the Republican part has realized, especially after this election, that moderate -not extremist - is the way to go. They know that imposing a sort of religious and moral law on the nation will alienate all the voters they just got and spell certain doom for the next presidential election.

Other strong contenders for 2002 The Tin Foil Hat Award are the denizens of this place:

My favorite post:
Theyre [sic] going to round us all up and put us in camps! How can we resist? THEY have all the guns!

Yep, you got that right, sport...

I know, schweetie. Just keeping you on yer toes. I agree with you on the "sky is falling" overboardedness of the far left. I still think we have to keep our eyes on the far right...

Besides, it's on my schedule.

"Tuesday: Tell Michele she's wrong today, before she gets a big head."

Just remember that on Wednesdays you are my minion.

Moderate: yep, I agree with that. But only because I don't have any tin foil with which to wrap my head so those eeee-vil Repub mind control beams can't get through. So I'm forced to live with the more rational idea that the country is neither as far right as the far right would believe nor as far left as the far left would believe. Now, if I had the foil....

Do they make tin-foil berets for those who are feeling a bit more...eh...Lewinsky-ish??

Yes, and knee pads to match.

Can I offer you a cigar?

Eww...now that was just wrong!! ;-)

with all this whining about the world ending I wish it would get it over with already

I'm looking forward to a post-apocalypic dystopia to retire to

tactical nukes fired from a catapult....

"God's giving it to us like we deserve...a country that votes in a war-hungry government is now getting it's just rewards.
Take THAT Ohio...you too Alabama...here's some for you Tennessee."

Sounds like the love child of Michael Moore and Jerry Falwell.

wow you people are living in a scary delusion. You are getting fucked so hard by Bush and crew and you are are sitting there is your dominishing shitholes and loving it. You people need to go visit www.voxnyc.com or www.whatreallyhappened.com

Time to wake up.
clair brosica

To Clair:


Time to go back to sleep.