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pass the tylenol

pass the tylenol

I owe a lot of people email today. It's coming. See, I have an excuse. I had anywhere up to ten boys walking in and out of this house all day, playing video games, watching movies, wrecking the place and making a lot of noise. Three of them are still here, including my two year old nephew who is in serious need of a diaper change.

I went through a box of fruit roll ups, two large pizzas, two liters of soda, three bags of chips, two viewings of Nightmare Before Christmas, a roll of paper towels, a full dishwasher load, two tantrums, one fight and most of my sanity.

Today is day 15 of the non smoking campaign. If someone doesn't get to the liquor store and buy me a huge bottle of tequila quick, it's going to be the end of my non-smoking days.

Can you say nervous breakdown? I thought you could.


Honey, I'm bringing the beer and the bottle of Jack Daniels. I'll also stop at Price Club (I refuse to call it Costco) and pick up a case of paper towels and paper plates. Some plastic cups? Sure.

I'll have my own smokes in hand. I hope you don't mind. And, if any go missing mysteriously, I'll blame it on the dog

In the immortal words of Shelly West:

Jose Cuervo
You are friend of mine
I like to drink you with
A little salt and lime
Everytime we get together
I sure have a good time

Though I think I'll stick with my buddy Sammy Adams's Boston Ale tonight. Can't handle that hard stuff anymore.

You know just what a girl needs, Joanie.

Babe, let me just hook the tequlia up IV style.

I'd join you but one Milwaukee's Best is way over my limit.

I agree. You need to quit smoking and go back to drinking. It should improve your health and your disposition.

"We childproofed our house, but they still keep getting in!"

Heard that yesterday...seems appropriate...

I'll trade you inboxes! ;-)