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So tell me something. Why does a chick who can shoot ping pong balls out of her pussy get more respect than a woman who can run a business, raise a family, change a tire, tell you what an offsides is in hockey, write a novel, split atoms, get elected to Congress or shoot a freaking nine pound baby out of the same exact place?


I didn't know you could do that! W00t!

I don't know that she gets more respect. More dates, more shiny gifts ... sure, but respect?

They're ping-pong balls, for crissakes. That's not something you learn in school like atom splitting, or something to which you get elected, like Congress sitting.

No, it's an art, a talent bred in the bone. You either have it, or you don't - and if you do, well the world will beat a path (well, it will beat something...) to your doorstep.

Time to flush the browser cache.

She doesn't get more respect for the ping pong ball trick. She just gets more stares.

I'm telling you....that work you do with atoms puts you at the top of my list, hon!

It's not her serve that gets the respect, it's almost effortless way she keeps the ball in play for so long with that paddle stuck in her ass.

That's the mark of a true Champion.

More respect from WHO?!?
On the other hand, there was this stripper I saw in Japan who could slice bananas....

The people who respect that aren't people whose respect you'd want anyway.

Umm... I'm with Toren. More respect from whom? More attention, yes.

Having seen several of these shows myself, I can safely say that it is not respect we see them with...it is horror. The same kind of horror you think when you stare at an accident scene and just can't take your eyes away.

A good one I saw was when one pissed-off bird flew out of "there" and proceeded to attack several of the customers. You'd be pissed off too if you were stuck in "there" for twenty minutes. (May I remind you that the "there" I'm referring to is not the standard healthy sweet American "there" that we're all used to...it is, in my opinion, a pretty respulsive "there" based on what I saw.)

you don't want the respect of those crackheads. shudder

besides, if you can fix a broken toilet, they immediately forget the ping pong balls. and my stepdad says that a person can like the vikes and the packers at the same time, until the raiders go back to l.a. so we're 100% on the same team now. you aim. i'll fire.

Ping Pong balls are weak - When she blows smoke rings...then we'll talk about respect.

You don't want to piss off a Thai stripper who is good with darts.

It wasn't me, by the way...

Ping pong balls? Split atoms? WTH did that one come from? =)

down here we have chicks who can shoot bowling balls across the room - now that's worth respecting.

besides, you're stuck in abunker waiting for the four horsemen of the old dirty apocalypse to turn up, who ya gonna want with ya, some over enthsued talkative congress b itch or a ho with bad makeup making you laugh by expelling objects from her vaginal area at a rapid velocity.