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two minutes to midnight

two minutes to midnight

The Iraq parliament has been expressing its anger on the U.N. resolution which threatens possible military action if Iraq does not disarm.

They said the inspections order was unworkable, it imposed "impossible demands" on Iraq, and that it was mostly a plan to launch a U.S. strike on Iraq.

Gee, ya think?

[h]ead of the international relations committee, Salim al-Kubaisi, said his committee would recommend rejection of the resolution.

"The committee recommends the following: the rejection of the Security Council resolution 1441 and not to approve it in accordance with the opinion of our people who put confidence in their representatives," al-Kubaisi told parliament.

He also recommended the parliament refer the final decision to the Revolutionary Command Council "to take the appropriate decision to defend the people of Iraq, their independence and dignity."

Well, let's see. The Iraqi people don't have independence and, through no fault of their own, very little dignity. And I do believe that they would not be defending the people of Iraq so much as defending only what lies behind the walls of the royal castles.

Oh, this point:

White House Chief of Staff Andrew Card, speaking on NBC's "Meet the Press," added: "The U.N. can meet and discuss, but we don't need their permission" before taking military action."

So when do we start?


1.Don't want war, but see the need.
2.Really,really want war.
Which camp are you in?
I'm in the first. I don't look forward to the killing, but do see how it will probably be required.
IOW, I support military action, I don't relish it.

I don't know of anyone who really really wants war but it's too late. We are at war now. I can be counted amongst those who want the battle of Iraq to move forward as soon as possible so we can have that flank covered as we move on the next battle(s).

Personally, I'd like to see one of Saddam's Loyal Few park a slug right in the man's brain stem.
The shooter would immediately become an international hero.
If he could duplicate the effort with Arafat, he would attain godhead.
I'd be more than happy to supply the bullets.

I heard on the BBC that no matter what the Iraqi cabinet says, Saddam Hussein still has final say. He may well accept the resolution to save his arse, especially if he is convinced that it's the only option that may spare his life.

Sylvain, we are already at war as far as I'm concerned. This is just another battle. Do I crave it or want it? No. Do I think we need this with great urgency? Yes.

I know of several people who want war.
They are all on my blogroll.
Not just the "we need to do it" types, but the "hell yes let's start the killin" types.
I just find the desire almost as distasteful as the sitch itself.
Terrorists get joy from killing.
Americans get joy from doing the Right Thing for the right reasons, even(not especially) if it involves killing. At least I used to believe that.

"Defending... their independence and their dignity..." Man, that could be one of those surreal lines out of a Monty Python sketch if it wasn't for the fact that a honest-to god (or Allah)-person uttered them with a straight face.

Oh, forgot to ask this. Does anyone find all those pictures of Saddam in civvies, especially the ones of him in suits and a fedora, humorous and sort of "I Love Lucy" retro?

Oh, forgot to ask this. Does anyone find all those pictures of Saddam in civvies, especially the ones of him in suits and a fedora, humorous and sort of "I Love Lucy" retro?

Did you see the pictures of those guys as they were voting?

They know they're killing themselves. But what choice do they have? If they dissent, Saddam kills them AND their families. If a war starts, then there's the chance of survival.

Damned if they don't, slightly less damned if they do. I actually pity them. Can't be easy serving a dictator bent on self-destruction...