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blessed are the......bottle throwers?

blessed are the......bottle throwers?

They tell us that violence is abhorent. They tell us that we can solve our problems and make our voices heard through appeasement, mediation and dialogue.

Perhaps they should practice what they preach. Using violence to shout for peace only makes you a fool.

I wonder if the marchers in Italy carrying the Palestinian flag like a victory banner were aware that as they were marching, Palestinians (say it with me - terrorists) were once again thrusting their own special brand of terror onto Israel.

We have met the enemy, and they are the ones crying for peace.


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Yeah ... they want "peace". Right. Amazing that those who see themselves as "Liberals" want to shove their brand of "peace" down my craw. Not likely. They'd have to grab some facts (and a clue) swiftly and it's not likely to happen.

They're not anti-war, they're pro-fascist.

"Up to 100 masked rioters, many of them of Arab origin, broke away from the main body of other antiwar protesters who were marching through the city centre.

The rioters hurled stones at businesses and police, who responded with baton charges. Photographers and TV camera operators were also targeted by the rioters. "

out of nearly a half million people who gathered, a hundred of them broke off to behave badly. and, they were probably Palestinians themselves, so that might explain the flags? this does not make an indictment of all liberals or all those who protest for peace.

kd: It's not a great leap to suggest that those who were violent are emboldened by the presence of hundreds of thousands of people marching in support of one party dictatorships and against multi-party democracies.

I dunno, I take a perverse sort of enjoyment when I see headlines like "Peace Activists Riot".

Violence in the name of peace. How ironic.

Just let me clarify something, 100 out of 2000 protesters in Brussels (which is in Belgium) behaved badly, while in Florence (which is in Italy) 0 out of between 540,000 (police estimate) and 1,000,000 (organizers' estimate) did so. Everyone was surprised by the peacefulness of the demonstrations in Florence - the residents and the police, especially since Berlusconi (not reknowned for his liberal views) did his utmost to convince everyone there would be rioting.

Only the peaceful marchers themselves were not surprised, and people here are now calling it the rebirth of the European peace movement.

It's too bad that the few who act like morons give the movement a bad name. Happens all the time, across the board.

I get a kick out of the names of their protest events. "Anti-Globalization Rally"? Isn't globalizationw hat they were for in the sixties?

I get a kick out of the names of their protest events. "Anti-Globalization Rally"? Isn't globalization what they were for in the sixties?

"Using violence to shout for peace only makes you a fool."
Using violence to shout for peace,using violence for the goal of peace, what's the diff?
Neither method will ever bring peace.
I think there are two sub-groups within the pro-war crowd:
those who don't want war but understand it might be required(force is the only way to deal with Iraq);
those who really really want war (fuck the reasons, just do it)
I think, as a matter of national pride, most Americans are milling around in the latter group.
Seems there is an eagerness to flex our military muscle, and it's justified to some degree,but there's a thin line between doing what's required and cheering for casualties.
That's what terrorists do, not Americans.
We might need to go to war; we should never desire it.

"Using violence to shout for peace only makes you a fool."

Using violence to shout for peace does not make you a fool. You already were a fool. Using violence to shout for peace merely exposes your foolishness.

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