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cheesehead report

cheesehead report

Injury? What injury?


8-1, baby. 8-1.


Go Pack!

I think I'll have a grilled cheese sammich and some soup for dinner. I'll toast them before I consume the goods.

i was actually afriad the #1 power ranking curse would get them this week too. now i can breathe a sigh of relief. i feel a superbowl ring comin.

Three more wins will clinch the division!

The one loss, incidentally, was the New Orleans Saints. Go figure.

And how 'bout those Jags, beating up on the...uh, Redskins. OK, dammit, I was impressed. Sorta.

The Saints haven't exactly been slouches this year, though. Don't know where the hell they came from.

Gotta love that QB rating, though. 100.2

Let me just say that as a life long Packer fan but currently residing in Cincinnati, it is much better to be 8-1 instead of 1-8. Man, do these Bungles suck.

eesh. as a detroit native, i am embarrassed at the performance yesterday. sigh.

Oh my...I didn't realize a Packer fan is what we have here.

I am a Bronco fan. Hopefully, we can meet again in the Super Bowl because that was a lot of fun (for me) yes?

All ribbing aside...I know we were fortunate to win that game as it could have gone either way. But the Pack wasn't quite as good as they thought they were now were they...think they learned a lesson that day that Farve can remind them of should they get back to the big one?

Either that or the Broncos weren't as paper-tigerish as everyone had them pegged for that year (or the year after).

Tonight the Donkeys can take a big step in the right direction with a win vs the dreaded Raiders (our big rival) on MNF (500th game--my I'm old).

If the Broncos should win (and that is a big IF because the Raiders always play them tough and figure to be desperate since they have lost 4 straight) the Broncos would put themselves in the old driver seat for Home Field Advantage throughout the playoffs in the AFC should they get there (and yes it is a long time from now--those playoffs). Still at week 9 the Broncos could be looking pretty along with the Pack to be everyones favorites to hook up once again in the big game.


Peat, wasn't it you who made fun of Faith No More in an earlier entry? Now the Packers? You are thisclose to having your IP banned, dude.

I am not making fun of anything, relax. I merely stated that Faith no More, imho, does not do a Black Sabbath song as good as Black Sabbath did it originally.

Secondly, since I am pretty much a new reader of your material, I am learning about your likes and dislikes (Packers) and just thought I would mention that I thought the Packers/Broncos Super Bowl was the best of all time--even if the Packers had won. I respect the Pack and think they are one of the classiest organizations in all of sports. I thought that paticular year they were a little smug going into the Super Bowl and it probably cost them the game because I think the Broncos surprised them a bit.

But this year they look like the cream of the crop. Especially after Denver got worked last night at home :( by the freaking Raiders.

and i actually live here. revelling in it. granted there are times when i have no idea what the state of the nation may be based on news coverage of brett farves healing papercut, but he really is that swell. if none of you ever can get tickets to get into Lambeau, it's worth the trip to tailgate.