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from skid row to the holy land

from skid row to the holy land

Sebastian Bach is playing Jesus Christ.

There's a joke in there somewhere. I'm just not sure if the joke is on Sebastian or Jesus.


Sure is a lot of Metal on your page this morning.

I'm a metalhead at heart. Just not a HAIR metal head.

wow. i was in disbelief until i clicked the link. i thought you were joking. nope, that really is him, holy fucking shit. i think i may go see this in january, orlando i think it says. then again, nah. but wow. freaky.

rock out with yer cock out!!!

The joke is always on Sebastian Bach.

Riyadh delenda est!

You are really pushing my buttons lately. First, with Copacabana, and now with Sebastian. I'm going you know. Oh yes. December 22nd. Just like I went to Manilow.

You can't change me!!

Melly, this post was for you. Don't change, baby. I love you just the way you are. Freak.

I saw that. It fits right in with my Christian Heavy Metal thought....doncha think?

I saw Sebastian Bach last year outside of Mulcahey's in Wantagh, NY (a large crappy bar/meat market). He was coming out of his tour bus to headline a "Sebatian Back formerly of Skid Row" show. I watched with celebrity awe as he turned and walked into a bus stop sign.

I freakin' howled.

Rob, Mulcahey's is famous for shows starring former hair band greats. Sadly, all the shows sell out. And my future brother in law is at every one of them.