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big bunny!

big bunny!

Top Five Movies about giant, deranged, murderous bunny rabbits:

1. Night of the Lepus

Ok, so there was only one. But it was damn good, in that "oh my god those special effects SUCK" way.


i miss MST3K. it was the only way to see the really miserable movies out there.

Ah, MS3TK. Did anyone ever see them do "The Creeping Terror?" It was their best episode.

What about Harvey? He was at least giant and deranged. I don't know about his criminal record.

I shoulda known you'd come up with a classic like that, Michele.

What about Monty Python's Holy Grail? OK, it was a normal size rabit but it was pretty murderous!

Monty Python's Rabbit of Caerbannog (Monty Python and the Holy Grail).
That's the most foul, cruel, and bad-tempered rodent you ever set eyes on ... Look, that rabbit's got a vicious streak a mile wide! It's a killer!
The link has audio clips and the full script of the scene.

Riyadh delenda est!

Don't forget "Kingdom of the Spiders" -- for pure cheese, it's right up there with the Lepus movie...

I dunno. It makes my list of Dumbest Movies Ever.

I saw that giant crocodile movie--or was it an alligator? on TV not long ago. Same thing. Dumbest Movie Ever. Top twenty, maybe fifty. Lots of dumb movies made.

I regret to say I actually paid money for a film called "Sorceress," which my friends and I actually thought was a sword & sorcery film, not the soft-core version to a (sigh) porn flick. I think the Bambi twins starred in it.

The sign that said, "Absolutely NO REFUNDS" on the box office probably should have clued us in.

Isn't the frightful bunny menace dispatched in "Night of the Lepus" by herding the killer rabbits over electrified railroad tracks, resulting in shrieking jolted bunnies, all while tanks & airplanes strafe & bomb??

Pretttty bad movie. Contrast it with "THEM" -- a movie about giant ants. Now that's a good giant-destructive pest movie!!