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comic fives

Five Comic Book Series Collected By Me

1. Preacher
2. Lenore
3. Sandman
4. The Maxx
5. Hellboy

Five Favorite Action Figures/Comic Toys

1. Optimus Prime
2. Filler Bunny
3. Evil Ash
4. Chun Li
5. Madman

Five Favorite Lines Spoken by Zim or Gir

1. I like you, cold unfeeling robot arm.
2. Invaders blood marches through my veins, like giant radioactive rubberpants! The pants command me! Do not ignore my veins!
3. Aww... I wanted to explode.
4. Vile humans! I shall rule you all with an iron fist! You! Obey the fist!
5. I'm running, I'm running, whoohoooo! I'm running! Wheehehehe! I'm naked!


yay lenore! wanna see my lenore lunchbox? it rocks. but you need to move sip higher on your list.

I have the Lenore lunchbox, too!

The first words you ever heard from Solonor, if you will recall, were: "Stupid like a moose, Dib. Stupid like a moose..."

That's why you're my stupid moose buddy!

I'm shocked at your omission. Why isn't this your #1 Action Figure ("Sorry, shrubbery is not included.")? I want one for Christmas, myself.

No, wait, I want this one. And how can I resist a French Taunter?

My favorite Gir quote:
"Awwwww... he's cute, and sticky!"

Consider those Monty Python figures on my Christmas list.

Hehe sticky. I've uttered that line at inopportune moments myself, Fredo.

Heh. Preacher. I collected that comic, too. I also have tattoos of the characters on my left arm. Yes, it's a bit much, I know.

A bit much? That is the coolest thing ever. Do you have pics of the tattoos?

Cool! A fellow transformers fan!

I've got the 1st Ed. Optimus Prime in its original box somewhere at my place. Damn thing cost $40 back in the 80s when I bought it. I wonder what they go for now...