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would you like to play a game?

would you like to play a game?

There's a list frenzy going on over at Blogcritics. I've been sitting here trying to decide which of the ten thousand entertainment-related lists I've made in the past year alone to post over there. I'll get to that eventually.

Back in the early days of this blog, I used to have a little thing called the Lists of Five. I would pick a topic and people would send me lists in regards to the topic (this was in days before content management and comments). There were topics like Five Favorite Jelly Bean Flavors and Five People Whose Head You Would Like To See Impaled on the End of a Stick.

So I started thinking of new lists today in the shower. I tend to do most of my thinking in the shower, by the way. I have composed many an acceptance speech or angry tirade while standing under the water.

Anyhow. Seeing as that the pnuemonia has sort of knocked me for a loop - as far as mental capacity goes - and I have nothing better to do (I was supposed to take my son and two of his friends to some Tony Hawk extravaganza tonight, but enlisted the friends' uncle to take them instead), I'm just going to make a whole bunch of lists and invite you to join in. Kind of like hanging out with my while I'm sick and making me feel all better. So put your jammies on, grab a cup of coffee (or put a slinky nightie on and grab a glass of wine), and hang out with me.

The rule is this: there are no rules. Your list of five does not have to go with my topic. You can make up your own title, your own list, your own whatever. Or you can just stay on subject with what I write. I don't care. I'll be posting throughout the night, so lists don't have to stay in this comment section. I'll take the best of the lists and put them on a separate page at some point. No prizes awarded, no judging or anything, just a lot of fun, and a way for me to get my creativity going so I can make a post over at Blogcritics.

I'll start.

Five Evil Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head And Never Leave:

1. McArthur Park
2. Turn the Beat Around
3. Copacabana
4. Muskrat Love
5. Barbie Girl

Ok, your turn. Anything goes. Don't make me sit here all alone feeling sorry for myself. Play with me.


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My Five Favorite Fingers

1) My ring finger
2) My left middle finger
3) My left pinky
4) My left index finger
5) My right index finger

Five favorite ice cream flavors:

1. Chocolate chip cookie dough
2. Mint oreo
3. Cookies & cream
4. Cherry cordial
5. Phish food (yes, I realize it is Ben&Jerry's, and they are the devil, but it is so very, very good).

Five favorite pinball machines.

...hmmm can't narrow it down. It's a bit like a Twilight Zone episode with the nukes already in the air and you've got to decide which five to put in the fallout shelter. Scary episode, that one.

1. K
2. L
3. M
4. L
5. B

A gentleman wouldn't actually name them on the Interweb and besides I told them all they were the best.

Anna, everyone knows the Bally Wizard is the best pinball machine ever.

Please see my Blogcritics post "Pinball Wizard" for my sordid history of pinball fascination.

Five Evil Songs -- Finish these lyrics if you dare:

5) Honeycomb's big, yeah yeah yeah, it's not small, no no no, Honeycomb's got....

4) Oh Mandy, well you came and you gave without takin'...

3) Here's the story, of a lovely lady...

2) And I-hiy-iy, will a-hal-ways luuu-huuvv....

...and the most evil of all--if you dare finish this one, know that I will revel in your pain, is:

5) It's a world of laughter a world of tears, it's a world of hope and a world of fears, there's so much that we share that it's time we're aware...

5 Awful Movies You Couldn't Stop Watching (and hated yourself afterwards for wasting the time)

1. Memento
2. Bulworth
3. The Talented Mr. Ripley
4. Patch Adams
5. Eyes Wide Shut

Heh. Wonder where you got those, Michele? I gotta run...will post later.

Top 5 comfort foods:

1. Mac-N-Cheese
2. Bean and Cheese Burrito
3. Tuna sandwich
4. oreo cookies
5. Matzah ball soup

Five Favorite Things To Do When My Honey Is Out of Town And Leaves Me All Alone

1. Eat all the dessert myself and throw away any evidence it was ever in the house.
2. Watch television shows she hates, and talk back to the tv.
3. Sleep in the middle of the bed while hogging all the covers.
4. Sleep on the couch all afternoon, eschewing housework, then wake up and order Chinese food

Jenn - mashed potatoes, and oh, mashed potatoes!


5. Generally revel in being a nerd.

My 5 Favorite English words:

1) Ignominy
2) Mammalian
3) Interject
4) Qualm
5) Foibles

Because I am waiting for my sweetie to finish making dinner I am extra hungry, so I'll add my 2 bits to the food lists.

Ice cream: One Sweet Whirled, it is coffee ice cream with caramel and marshmallow swirls with coffee fudge chunks. If this means I will burn in hell, it will have been worth it.

Comfort foods: grilled cheese sandwiches with fries, and a root beer on the side.

mmmmmm..... mashed potatoes! :o)

Cartoons on TV
1 Roger Ramjet
2 Spongebob
3 Fractured Fairytales
4 Old,old B.Bunny
5 Droopy Dawg

Top Three Blog Names I Rejected:

1) Oh, My Achin' Ass
2) It's A Spade, Goddamnit!
3) Inflamed Hemorroidal Tissue

I used the fourth one, so there ain't no more.

Copacabana is not evil.

Michele, you are an evil, evil woman.

Top Five Creature Comforts:

1. Back rubs
2. Strawberry Shortcake
3. Hot tubs
4. A birdie on #9
5. A quickie... anywhere

Top 5 Creature Comforts: (not necessarily in this order...)

1. Hot tubs
2. Back rubs
3. Strawberry Shortcake
4. A birdie on #9
5. A quickie.... anywhere

Five TVLand Shows I Repeatedly Watch Until Memorized:

1)Leave It To Beaver
2)All In The Family (ONLY with Mike and Gloria)
3)The Andy Griffith Show (ONLY with Barney)
4)I Love Lucy

bleeding brain, my favorite word in russian has always been mleka-pee-tai-oo-shi, which is russian for mammal! too funny.

favorite in english: indefatigable.

mmmmmm. mashed potatoes. with peas and parmesan cheese.

Five favorite quotes from “Pinky and the Brain”

Brain: And I am the Iconoclast, an unconventional eccentric who marches to a
different drummer...

Brain: Pinky, Are You Pondering What I"m Pondering?
Pinky: Uh, I think so, Brain, but this time, you wear the tutu.

Brain: Pinky, Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?
Pinky: I think so, Brain, but culottes have a tendency to ride up so.

Brain: Pinky, Are You Pondering What I'm Pondering?
Pinky: Well, I think so, Brain, but pantyhose are so uncomfortable in the summertime.

Brain: Pinky , Microsponge is a huge computer corporation run by the world’s richest nerd.
Pinky: Gumby?
Brain: No , Pinky. Famous as he is , sadly Gumby was never included in profit participation.

Top 5 Celebs I wish I could drive my car over, and over and over...

1. Barbra Streisand
2. Michael Moore [ I have a big car ;-)]
3. Jessica Lange
4. The "Dude yer gettin a Dell" guy
5. Bill Maher

Five Evil Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head And Never Leave:

1. Anything by Barry Manilow.

2. MacArthur Park

3. Dancing Queen

4. Stayin Alive

5. Memories

Five Adjectives Used to Describe a Certain Political Party and Its Followers:

1. Acerebral
2. Flagitious
3. Nugatory
4. Otiose
5. Vecordious


Tanya Wow, those are slim odds that the word in different languages with the same meaning would appear on a favorite word list.

Mammalian English

mleka-pee-tai-oo-shi Russian

Must be some primal brain thing.

5 Vehicles I Need:
1. Hummer H2
2. Audi A8
3. Mini Cooper (the reissue)
4. Chevy Suburban
5. Any Ferrari (but I'm kinda partial to the 308)

top five ways to procrastinate from school or work:

5. surf my blogroll
4. call people that i know will talk too much
3. cry about how i don't have a membership to http://suicidegirls.com anymore to look at naked girls when i want to procrastinate
2. rant about how much work i have to do to a network of millions that don't care
1. resolve to not be successful because it is too damn much work, and search google for alternative ways of living.

top 5 pre-1990 depeche mode songs:
5. black celebration
4. people are people
3. the sun & the rainfall
2. stripped
1. strangelove

top 5 reasons i need a sugar-daddy while i'm in college:

5. because i am sick of eating corn nuts and 95 cent soup for dinner
4. because the parking booth guy is going to start expecting sex if i ask him to let me through without paying one more time
3. because the next time i have to touch a stanky shirt at work, that someone has worn for 10 years and then tried to return it, i will tell them they are disgusting pigs and to go to hell. thus getting me fired.
2. to offer better forms of procrastination
1. because i think the bookstore is catching on to my buy , return 2 weeks later, buy again thing. that would suck.

5 Reasons this Blog is Ruining My Life:
1. It makes me think
2. It makes me drink
3. It makes me ignore my work
4. It makes me want to buy more guns
5. It makes me want to be mean to liberal fuckwads

I see my work here is done.

not all liberals are fuckwads... Just like not all conservatives are bloodthirsty neanderthals (:

not all liberals are fuckwads... Just like not all conservatives are bloodthirsty neanderthals (:

Five favorite world events

1 The crucifiction
2 The holocaust
3 Hiroshima
4 The siege of stalingrad
5 The death of diana