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bad boys

bad boys

Fans rioted in Canada yesterday when Axl Rose failed to show up for a scheduled Guns n Roses concert.

What stuns me is not that all these people threw rocks and smashed windows and caused havoc; I'm more shocked that there are enough GnR fans left to actually form a crowd.

Have these people heard the new GnR?


Maybe they have, they Were packing rocks...
I think that was an angry mob, cheated of their desired target.

My friend Andy wrote a musical about the life and times of Axl Rose called "White Trash Wins Lotto" that is about the funniest thing you'll ever see and hits the nail on the head. I've got a little bit they did on Conan on my site. It's a 27 Meg Quicktime movie but worth the wait.



but i digress, robin finck is their replacement for slash {he's the most recent guitarist for nine inch nails, at least, & he's usually the live guitarist} & he rocks. i just dunnno about the rest ... i'm wondering if they've seen axl rose much. i'm wondering if they're old enough to remember him with teased and well-sprayed hair. that's trailer park at it's epitome.

Canadians rioting over Axl Rose, that's certainly something you don't hear about everyday. ;)

And I expected the rioting to happen after the "concert".

They probably thought he was Jewish.

They couldn't get tickets to Florence and figured, "Hey, here's a good excuse to riot. And we don't even need signs or puppets!!!"