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hooray for boobies!

hooray for boobies!

I didn't have a cigarette. I did the next best thing. I had a huge drink and had my husband take pictures of me in a wet t shirt. Oh stop looking at me like that, it was for a cause. Besides, as it says in my about page: If I like you and consider you a friend, I will kill for you. I will give you every single thing I own if you need it to survive. I am passionately generous to good people. It's why I'm still poor. Just interpret that to include showing my wet boobs for Statia.

I don't know when Roby will get the picture up on her site, so here's a sneak preview:

I'm going to watch Jackass. VRWC cards will be in your mailboxes by no later than 10 (EST). You can keep adding entries to the contest until I get back on here and then I'll let the judges take over.

I'm beginning to think the internet is nothing but flash animations, pictures of kitties, and boobies.

Hooray for Boobies!


that water wasn"t too cold, was it?

Damn, M, I know it's cold on lawnguiland and all, but..but..DAMN!

[this is good]

(stunned silence)

Oh Sweet Lord...

Ten! Lord Have Mercy!

You didn't crop this one off like the others! Huzzah!!!

Prelude - perfect - absolutely wonderful! DAMN!

And to think, you were touching them just today, Bon! Maybe you should join the wet t-shirt brigade?

I'm beginning to think the internet is nothing but flash animations, pictures of kitties, and boobies.

I'm glad I'm the only one left in the office becuase I'm snickering away at my desk.

Thanks for making me smile :)

That is EXACTLY what I was thinking! Can non-bloggers join the wet t-shirt brigade? I don't want to intrude! You will have to take the picture though....

Well, you'll have to stop by tomorrow then. We don't go back to work until Tuesday and times a wastin'!

Justin is waiting. Anxiously.

Here kitty kitty kitty...

Do you think that it is morally justified to get a babysitter for your 15 month old so that Mommy can go play cunnilingus fairy with her co-worker?

Oh jesus. You just made me spit my margarita all over the monitor.

Where's the vegetables and small animal's? What a gyp.

Its people like you who give people like this inferiority complexes! ;)

Can I sit between M & B?!?!?!?!

i'm having trouble catching my breath.


Sorry about leaving so quickly - had to go before something else was spit "all over the monitor".

Now that's thought provoking!!

Lactate on me baby