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I cannot even put into words how badly I want a cigarette right now.

My will is breaking. Big time.


Be mad. Be Bad. Whoop dat monkey's ass!

Tell me about it, I've quit 300 times this year but they keep pulling me back in. You can do it though, I'm a wuss.


I just quit today. If I can hang in there you can.


You can't give in. If you do, the Dems will be right about BIG TOBACCO and how they force people to become addicted to their products. :)

Say no to defend freedom of choice. Say no to defend personal responsibility.

Go for the cig. The Surgeon General is just jealous of how cool you look when you smoke ...... kidding, hang in there.

I think I can,I think I can.....go girl go.beat that bad monkey.WHUP DAT FUCKNOZZLE!!!!

If you do, the terrorists really will have won.

On the other hand, nobody likes a quitter.

Just have a beer, maybe that will curb the craving.


After a few margaritas, it'll pass.

Besides, I won't let you be my [bling!] monkey, if you smoke. So nyah!

Try the Nicorette. It takes the worst of the edge off the cravings. Hard candies help, too.

Hang in there, Michele!

The only way the patch would have worked for me would have been to put it over my mouth. I finally figured out to just stop quitting; have been smoking ever since. Life is short; death is long. Even my friends were relieved when I started up again. Some of us just may operate a bit better with a bit of tobacco... And BTW, people have been smoking it ever since the discovery of tobacco, long before the corporations ever got involved. Whatever you choose, I think you're great.

Thank God I still smoke. That's not helpful, I know. I'm just glad I'm not you.

Thank God I still smoke. Alot. That's not helpful. Sorry.

I don't stutter. I just like to say things over and over. You'll notice that if you read my blog.

Sorry, Michele. Sometimes when I quit, I have a cigarette and I instantly feel better. Try it - it always works.



If it's any consolation, the cravings get easier to handle after about 10 years.