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the left coast

the left coast

One last post before I wrap things up at work. I found this through Gretchen, who read it at SFGate.com It is written by Adam Sparks, a San Francisco conservative activist.

San Francisco is not a city that honors its fallen heroes. It cherishes peace yet barely recognizes that peace must sometimes be defended by the raising up of arms. There are 26 million veterans in the United States. Out of 3 million California veterans, 1 million live in Northern California and 65,000 are right here in San Francisco.....

....San Franciscans are big on free speech, but it's the soldier, and not the poet, who has given it to us. We love freedom of the press, but it's the soldier, and not the reporter, who has given us that gift. We like fair trials, but it's the soldier, and not the lawyer, who has preserved that heritage for us. We like freedom, but it's the soldier, and not the legislator, who has given that to us. I know. My parents were prisoners of Hitler's inhumane, unspeakably brutal concentration camps. They were liberated by plain ol' American G.I. Joes, and they kissed the ground that American soldiers walked on ever after their liberation. They were thanking the veterans until their recent deaths. It is now my honor to salute the veteran in my parents' stead....

....Observances are held throughout the country on this federal holiday in the form of prayer services, rallies, assembly programs, parades, patriotic speeches and graveside flag displays. The Tomb of the Unknown Soldier, outside Washington, D.C., at Arlington National Cemetery, where thousands of service personnel are buried, is the focus of the nation's tribute on Veterans Day. The San Francisco Unified School District, however, offers no citywide program or assembly for its students for this holiday. What would you expect?

Political leaders in San Francisco are certainly not interested in a parade that honors the memory of those soldiers. Here's how San Francisco funds some of its many parades... (he then lists several city-funded parades, some of which get more than triple the funding that Veteran's Day parade gets)...

....It would be funny if it weren't such a bad joke. Speaking of jokes, in San Francisco, the city even gives more money to comics than to mourners who wish to memorialize the fallen martyrs: Comedy Day gets $7,000. The bad joke is not just on the vets; it's on all of us...

Please, do yourself a favor and read the whole thing.

Monday is Veteran's Day.


I stopped reading the SF Comical because it usually annoyed me to no end.Thank you for pointing out this delightful piece.If anyone is going to the parade,I'll see you there.

San Francisco is in the People's Republic if Kalifornia. What do you expect? And now the Dimocrats are gonna let Pelosi of San Francisco be the House minority leader. Thank you! Thank you! The Dimocrats must really want to remain the minority party.